Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer smoke

Wildfires are no stranger to us here in Alaska. If the summer is hot and dry then we usually have some smoke. One summer about 6 years or so ago, we had weeks of thick, heavy, brown smoke. It was hot and dark and the smoke hung low like fog, it was horrible. We could not see the sun, only an orange spot sometimes visible through the smoke.
This summer has not been like that at all, we have had a good balance of smoke and rain and the smoke just hasn't stayed around over a day at a time and never like that summer a few years ago.
We have a fire burning not so far away. And guess what? I remembered my camera when I left the house yesterday!
So, as I traveled from one side of our town to the other I took pictures of the smoke plume from different places in town.
The first picture was taken near the airport while I was on my way to Fred Meyer.

Same place, closer up.

After leaving Fred's and beginning my journey home.

This picture was taken about half way home from "town" from the overpass.

And pardon the blaring sun, we are happy to still be able to see the sun!
This is on our little gravel road.

Just to tell you how the smoke changes with the wind...Monday was quite smokey here but Tuesday we didn't even smell the smoke or have any haze. Thankful for the wind here.
Today, I do not smell smoke and I haven't looked in the direction of the fire yet this morning. Oh, our temps have been from 80 to 85 degrees this weekend and early part of the week. The kids went swimming at the home of a friend yesterday. We are enjoying the last days of summer, it won't last forever you know.

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