Thursday, May 21, 2015

Life on Thursday

'Tis a rare occasion that I take off on a school day and have a pedi/lunch outing with a friend, but that is just what happened today. We went for a falafel pita for lunch. Yummy but off plan, and that is okay, because I can start again in three hours and falafel pita beats burgers and fries any day of the summer. Falafel really isn't that unhealthy just 
not something I would eat weekly. Although, it is that yummy. 

On another note: I have never liked spicy food, NEVER. Since eating the THM way I can now tolerate a little spice. I ordered my falafel spicy today. 


It is always a good day when a box like this arrives!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Update

I put together a quick collage of the progress so far. Some of the pictures are no makeup, no hair fixed days, sorry about that, I did not mean to frighten anyone. I guess I was skeptical as to whether or not this would work because I guess I never thought these pictures would need to be seen and shared.
 I need to get a picture this week, maybe that will happen this weekend. I have reached the half way point of the journey and all I can say is wow! THM has been such a blessing to me. I love eating this way and I love my new view and attitude toward food. I also seem to be at the point where others can see that the weight has come off. I can navigate a potluck, party, restaurant menu and what not now pretty well. On occasion I will have to eat off plan but really those times have been rare and for that I am thankful. I have energy now and that is amazing.

Friday Rambles

Today is Friday, here I go...
  • We had an extra little guy at our house this week, I called the boys the "twins".
  •  I like having two littles around at the same time, they keep each other busy.
  • They go almost non stop all day long and they are loving being outside
  •  I am exhausted on this Friday evening and it is not because of the littles.
  • The week has been a good kind of busy.
  • I bought the next size smaller of pants, well, capris. 
  • I can finally wear something beside jeans.
  • I bought a cute knit skirt as well.
  • I am half way to my goal. Half way!!!
  • I did not get anyone to take my picture today because I slept in and the rest of the day was busy.
  • As soon as these kiddos go to bed I am going to my bed.
  • My big kiddos are at a friend's house for a bonfire.
  • My house is quiet.
  • The littles have been to two playgrounds, played outside at home, had s'mores and are now watching a movie.
  • I did not have s'mores. I do not like them.
  • Pre-THM I would already be laying on the couch by now. 
  • The little are camping in the fort that Levi built for them under the kitchen table. It may be an interesting evening. 
  • We shall see if they last in there all night.
  • This is all, happy Friday!! Alaskan daylight is longer each day and I am enjoying soaking up as much vitamin D as I possibly can.


Over the last few weeks there have been many local schools on lockdown. The article I am linking to is the school closest to our house and is the school in which Levi plays baseball.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Reading at Bedtime

I picked this book from the bookshelf the other night to read aloud to Benjamin and his friend, who is spending the week at our house. The book isn't over the top wonderful BUT the vocabulary is priceless. The words used are quality words, descriptive words. The children in the book have a father and a mother, and while they take a  backseat to much of the story, they are there and they are respected and they are essential to the story. I look forward to each chapter at bedtime and I am thrilled that Benjamin is ready for bedtime chapter book reading.

Monday, May 11, 2015


I rarely remember to take group photos but I was determined to get a group picture on Mother's Day. Here we are.

We brought home an extra kiddo for the week, his parents are hiking in the Grand Canyon this week. 
Boys eat a lot when they get up early and play all day. 

I made healthy boy drink for the boys. Herbal tea, apple cider vinegar and sweet blend. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

A day set aside to celebrate Mothers. I cannot be with my Momma but I am thankful for her. 

I do have the blessing of having all my Blessings with me to be celebrated today. 

The laughing picture

The straight faced picture.

Friday, May 8, 2015


Weight update: still losing and I am at 34 pounds lost.
 Today I post a shadow pick because I am at the playground with Benjamin and there is no one to take my picture. 

I am looking forward to my mother's day meal;   slow cooked moose tips, cauliflower bake, grilled peppers, onions and mushrooms and some sauteed vegetables and thm cheesecake. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

A video

Here is a link to oarts my Son's baseball game Saturday. He is #13 playing catcher on the blue team