Friday, February 28, 2014

Ahh, Alaska

You know you live in Alaska when:

--you are walking around a local shop downtown and the window is open in February

--you are walking into the pool and there are kids on the outdoor hockey rink in short sleeves.

--you really enjoy the fact that it isn't dark at the end of February when you leave swimming

We have enjoyed very mild temperatures today. Springtime is a coming. 

Randomness of the day, Daddy and Benjamin playing with legos at the library.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A day

Benjamin plays at piano lessons.

Two moose on a random road in our small town.

One Mommy off the treadmill, one Benjamin on the treadmill.

Early bath and pajamas for pizza and movie night. 

Monday, February 24, 2014


Being five in a family of older siblings must be challenging at times. First of all, the five year old often forgets he is five and attempts, often very successfully, to keep up with older siblings. Secondly, when everyone is busy with school work there is no one to help occupy the time. Thirdly, Mom is not okay with a five year old being occupied with television and other screens Fourthly, well, sometimes older siblings help out too much and our little guy isn't all that independent. And that is okay, he is growing up, learning and living a very happy and healthy life. Lastly, sometimes you have to drag out a game and play with Mom.

This afternoon, while all the older Blessings were busy with school work, Benjamin drug out Bowling Bunnies after a series of no answers to screen options. And we played and counted knocked over bunnies, added up scores (he won, by the way), and just had a good ole time playing a game. The time was passed and school work could move forward.

Photo taken from Amazon website because well, I just wasn't leaving the moment to go get my phone to take a picture.

Family time

Benjamin is drawing on the whiteboard while we are having out after Bible reading time discussion. Good times.

We used to read and then pray but we changed out format to praying first so Benjamin can get up and move around while the teaching and discussion goes on. Constantly changing our ways to adjust to our family needs.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Weekend

Saturday we went sledding, Daddy pulled Benjamin over on his machine. Benjamin is almost ready to ride on his own, we have a little further to get in a few areas before we will let him ride on his own. 

The family at the top of the sled hill. I love the blue sky. So sunny and clear.
 Northern lights have been glorious, facebook friends have seen many shared pictures on my facebook page.

Down the hill goes Levi

Daddy and Benjamin

Mommy and Daddy

Sunday lunch brought many conversations spanning many topics. 
I love my big, loud family. 

Topics included but not limited too:

Snake handling preachers and churches(yes, the snake handling preacher was from our home town)

Sound doctrine

Current events

And back to snake handling

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Family Moments

The Alaska Board of Game meets this week in Fairbanks. My husband, Levi and Elisabeth gave testimony regarding a youth sheep hunt proposal, my husband also gave his opinions on a few other proposals as well but the main objective was the youth sheep hunt.
Levi and Elisabeth did a superb job speaking and responding to questions asked by the board members. The fact that they came to testify impressed the board members. We were the only family there and they were the only children there. One man even followed us out into the hallway as we were leaving to go to church to let us know he has been lobbying for youth hunts and thanked my husband for bringing the kiddos in to speak.
The principal said Levi and Elisabeth get some school credit for their experience.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Being home has been fabulous, except for one small problem; my head is still moving. No, not literally but I do have an inner ear imbalance. It took me until this evening after dinner to figure this out. I had this happen after I flew about seventeen years ago. That time I went to the PA to figure out what was going on. This time I can treat myself and hopefully be up to par in a couple of days.

Weekend Trip

Elisabeth took a quick trip to the lower 48 for my sister's wedding. 
Here we are all fresh and untraveled.

Elisabeth eating a Cinnabon cinnamon roll in an airport. We always enjoy eating things we cannot get at home. 

We made it to Kentucky and had lunch.

After lunch we drove to the old hometown and I brushed my teeth and hit the ground to the reception hall to help out there. After accessing what needed doing I took Elisabeth to my in laws house while I worked. It is handy having three sets of Grands in the same small town. 

Grace(hi, Grace, I love you!!!) and Elisabeth at rehersal dinner.

Elisabeth on Saturday morning, she developed a stuffy nose while flying so she was having some hot tea. 

At the wedding.

My niece was adorable as flower girl, she smelled every flower in the bouquet. I admit to
watching her the whole ceremony. So cute. 

The Bride and Groom

Elisabeth and my Dad at breakfast Sunday morning before we left out for the airport to head home.

Cousins at breakfast

Elisabeth trying on a Kentucky hat in the airport. And we headed home. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

A Slow Time

Things here have been quite slow, which really   thrills me. 

We have a sherriff in the house.

Benjamin finished a session of swimming lessons.

Pre-birthday cupcake for Daddy

We finally got some fresh snow which helps freshen things up.

I packed for a weekend trip for my sister's wedding.

And I took along a travel buddy.