Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Little More

Just a little more of what was done today.
The 20th year of meetings.
Lotus flowers
The whale made an appearance tonight as well.
Calla lillies made from leeks and baby corn.

Yesterday’s Work and Fun!

The kids were waiting all day to see the whale made from a zucchini. Here they are watching and giving their input.
This little guy really liked the whale, that zucchini is from our garden. He will be coming home and will be turned into dinner or zucchini bread.
See that tree? One of the ladies in the church drew that, wait until you see her finished work at the end of the post.
Another lady made these trees for our dessert table. We have been blessed with such a wonderfully willing group of ladies who each add their work to put together a great respite environment for those at this conference.
Table settings and centerpieces.
Finishing touches
The final menu board…on the menu:
Grilled Salmon
Baked Potatoes
Green Salad
Texas Toast
Banana Pudding, really good banana pudding
There was nothing fancy about the menu but that salmon was great, better than great, and the salad contained a lot of home grown veggies mixed with store bought veggies….
What did I do, a little of this and a little of that. List making and checking and then working on what was on the list and then checking the list and the tables and drinks, you know… a little of this and a little of that.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Craziest Week of the Summer

Tomorrow begins the busiest week of the summer....I will spend three days working in the kitchen at church for a special event, fun yet busy times ahead. Have a great week!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Around the Web

Levi will be in eighth grade this year, so high school is on my mind. This post came across my google reader today. This will help me plan high school....I can't believe I am typing that!

I also saw a really neat post for these gogurt fakes. These are great for a toddler and I have seriously thought about how I could make these myself...now I only need a food saver. Ok, not really but if we ever get one I can make these.

Tourist“ing” in our own Town

Tuesday was overcast so I decided to take the kids to our local public lands to see the new building and displays.
The garden outside.
Watching a few minutes of Alone in the Wilderness the story of Dick Proenneke. Of course, now they want to watch this dvd. Thankfully the library has a copy and we have it reserved. You might be able to watch this on youtube?
Pictures underneath the arch of antlers.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Okay, so I should be cleaning the kitchen but here I am typing out this post. I guess that is how I do things, a bit here and a bit there, ugh!
I think I mentioned before that this has been one great summer for me and I figured out why. I have been creating things, spending time with creative people and also cultivating friendships. You would think that by 40, I would "know" myself, well, obviously I am a slow learner. I realized today that I have had such a great time because I have been doing what I enjoy, time with others and time creating things. I love when I am doing something.
Things I have done with friends this summer:
  • Attempted to make whole wheat tortillas, not there yet but we spent a day making tortillas and then a meal with our creations
  • cookie dough for the freezer
  • oatmeal jam bars
  • jam/jelly
  • berry picking
  • doughnuts
  • bread
  • pennants for the baseball team
  • I am sure I am forgetting a couple of things
But even more, I have spent time with real adults, Mother Culture, who knew that I would thrive this summer doing what grows me...huh?
And with those real adults I have also spent time learning things from them and making plans for future projects and gleaning ideas for future projects for myself.
So, when I try to hibernate this winter, I might have to go back and read this blog and get out the scissors and thread because I am itching to sew....
I had a long painting to do list for the summer, I even bought paint brushes. Yet, nary a drop of paint has seen those brushes. They will, in August, in when I convince myself that home improvement needs to happen. But, I will probably call on my friends to come chat while I paint and bring their Blessings to keep my Blessings occupied.


This rain bow was really neat the other night, all the way across the sky. It was late so I didn’t want to get shoes on and find a good spot to get the whole thing so I took a few pictures.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Baseball is in its final week, tournament week. The boys lost last night but they played the number one team and kept the score low, so they did great.
Levi’s pennant in the dugout, that isn’t dugout.
At bat, four balls and a walk. Good eye Bud!
Running to third.
Thanks friends for coming out to watch the game!!

Berry Picking

Monday I woke up with the urge to berry pick. So, we picked berries…
My little helper, he is carrying around the berry pickers for blueberries while I pick nagoonberries.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy 13th Birthday Levi!

It must be horrible to go to bed knowing that these gifts will be sitting on the dining room table when you wake up.
This is supposed to be a great water blaster.
A tripod for his video camera
Legos, of course
A treat, Sunday lunch at the Cookie Jar. He went for one particular menu item, Nolan’s own, they were out. Oh well, he will have to go back another time.
Waiting, Sundays are very busy here…waiting.

Dad, Benjamin and Mom. Benjamin was not in a picture posing mood.
The cake. Baseball, of course.
Lighting candles
Blowing out the candles
Not too shabby for a Sunday birthday.