Thursday, July 29, 2010

Camping weekend

We loaded up the truck and headed down the road for some camping and fishing. Sorry for the blurry picture.

Daddy and the kids set up the tent. We had the slide in camper but we wanted to tent camp as well.

My wonderful husband and I have had this tent for almost our whole marriage. He likes that it is tall enough inside so he can stand up!

Of course we took Emmy, our chocolate lab. She isn't a pretty lab but she is a good dog. And she travels really well.

Our campsite, pretty remote...we did have outhouses near by and a couple of hand pumps were in the campground for water. That is it.

By the time we packed everyone up and drove to our destination and set up the tent, it was time to eat. After dinner and cleaning up and a little time outside it was bedtime for Benjamin. We were planning a campfire but it began to raining. Once Benjamin was asleep, Dad and the big blessings played Dutch Blitz. I knitted while sitting up on the top bed with the sleeping baby. I finished one dish cloth and started and finished a second while on this trip.

The next day we got up and had a pancake breakfast (and a clean up of spilled pancake batter! OOPS!) No pictures of breakfast. And while Dad prepared fishing poles and other items, I prepared sandwiches and snacks and drinks for a day on the water. Don't you get hungry while on the water? Benjamin did!
Our captain and fearless leader.

Kids ashore to explore and fish from the bank.

It wasn't all pretty!
But we had a great day, Benjamin enjoyed boating.

Dad and a few blessings around and ON his back. Benjamin had a good nap while Daddy fished.

The Ergo has been one of the best things we have purchased. I wish I would have known about these with my other three. Life is good with baby on the back.

My 12 year old son, is growing up and gettting so handsome.

After baby woke up we had lunch and then we fished a little more.
Baby ate his lunch and anything else he could get from everyone else.

Helping Dad fish...Benjamin did this on his own.

After we came ashore and had dinner it was nice enough for a campfire. This was a huge Daddy sacrifice for my husband as he does not build campfires. But he did this one for the kids. They had smores and we attempted to pop some jiffy pop but the fire was too hot and it burned before it popped!
Do you know that my husband and I do not like smores? We really don't. We didn't have smores with the kids. I took pictures and Dad monitored the fire and Benjamin.

See the gray skies? It began raining after the kids had smores and it rained all night. Guess who had tent duty that night? Yep, me!

Baby smores, al a carte.

My husband got a much needed haircut when we got home!



My husband's newest addition to the camping gear, a camp oven. He says it works well and he used it twice on the trip as the slide in camper only has a stove top.

Bringing the boat in to load on the trailer to head home.

And we often had a guest on our trip, her name was Annabelle. She is loosely based upon a character from Caddie Woodlawn . She was from Boston and she liked to take siestas. Obviously, she travels much.
And Benjamin enjoyed playing with my travel pillow for a bit on the way home. That is for the short time he was a wake.

Then the dreaded part of the trip...unpacking the camper and putting it all away. We all worked together and got unpacked and put away and then we all took nice hot showers or baths and went to bed!
The end.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I wish I had time to blog today, but the domino effect is in full force here this week. We removed all items from my girl's big closet (3 garbage bags of broken or just plain paper trash and three giveaway boxes gone! YAY!) Now their room is clean but it left much aftermath in other rooms through moving things around or items taken out of their room. Much to do today and tomorrow to be able to enjoy the weekend. Off I go!
I have camping pictures to post....must go work!

Monday, July 26, 2010


I am busy painting and turning the girls bedroom closet into a sewing/craft room. Later tonight I plan to upload pictures from our weekend camping trip, so hopefully a post on that soon! Have a super de duper day!

Monday, July 19, 2010

He's twelve! Really? It doesn't seem as though we have had him for twelve years.

We had another birthday here in our home. Levi, our oldest, turned twelve years old. My how time flies.

our birthday banner


We carried out our birthday traditions, which he missed last year since we were traveling.
He asked for a football themed cake, which he personally designed.
birthday morning

He took it easy on me and chose an easy menu for the day. We invited some friends for a lunch of pizza and then cake and ice cream!
candle and cake time

Then the men and children went outside for a game of baseball.
a little birthday baseball

After our friends left Levi and I went out for some mother/son time and to pick up his last present...a new slimline Bible complete with his name on the cover.

He had a great day!
On our way into town we saw some awesome clouds, like I have never seen in my 39 years of living. Dark grey and fluffy, so neat. We drove through a horrible down pour, hail and watching lightning and hearing booming thunder. So neat and so unusual for our area. I loved it, Levi didn't!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two windy days

Sunday and Monday were both very windy days. I mean very windy days! The kids attempted to get the kites out Sunday afternoon but it was time to go back to church before they could launch a kite.
Monday the wind was still howling so they tried again with much success.

See my swing in this picture? The wind was so strong on Sunday that it knocked over my swing!

Levi flying a kite

Judith flies a kite

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer fun

I would love to go to the local swimming hole/beach everyday but that is not possible due to homekeeping and weather. You know the old saying "If it's not one thing it's another" ? Well, that might just be my life quote!

My wonderful husband bought Elisabeth a slip and slide for her birthday, so on really hot day last week, the kids beat the heat by slipping and sliding in our frigid Alaska well water!
Benjamin didn't slip and slide but he had a blast watching from the side lines and getting sprinkled now and again!
slip and slide audience
Elisabeth sliding
Levi sliding
Levi slipping and sliding

Judith sliding

And that was the end of the slip and slide, it was busted wide open after Judith slipped after sliding and fell on the thing.....
So, she bought a double slip and slide to replace the first one. I am sure there will be more slipping and sliding when our two day windstorm ceases to blow.

Summer, why is it so short

Not that summer is anywhere near over or anything, but it is such a short season here in Alaska. The garden is growing like mad and so are those pesky weeds!

The lettuce is doing well and we need to eat more!

more lettuce

The zucchini plant are huge and I picked two zucchini today. I am so looking forward to eating zucchini!

I could leave them on the vine and they would grow much bigger but I am doing a taste/texture trial to see how we like them. We can grow HUGE zukes here in AK but I think the bigger they are the more full of seeds and almost mealy texture. So, I am trying a couple of mid-sized to see what I think.
zucchini 2

Now, I must go tackle the family room full of homeschool supplies and books EVERYWHERE!!! Must get things in order for school and see what else needs to be ordered!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

90 day challenge---day 2

So, I mentioned that I began early since the 5th would be a day off for my husband. I am glad I did, we had sick people of one kind or the other all weekend and yesterday was a fairly down day for my husband and I.

I listened to part of my reading for today yesterday while I was cleaning the kitchen and then I read the rest today while I was waiting through piano lessons. So, I know that Tuesdays will work out well for reading since we will be at piano.

I will not give a daily report here on the ole' blog but I am pretty glad to have two days under my belt. It will take a lot of short reading sessions for me to get the daily readings done but I am looking forward to the challenge.

Monday, July 5, 2010

90 Day Bible Reading Challenge

I am taking the challenge of reading the Bible in 90 days. I actually began last week since the first day is today and it is my wonderful husband's day off for the 4th of July and I knew that I would not have time to give this my full attention today.

I look forward to this time in the Word of God.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Elisabeth's 10th Birthday

Our Elisabeth hit double digits on Friday!
Here she making her cake batter on Thursday evening (I don't make her make her cake, she wants to make her cake!)

Levi and Judith decorated while I finished preparing things for dinner so we could celebrate all day on Friday.

When she woke up Friday morning we had the customary card and gift opening before breakfast. She isn't exactly a morning person.

After and breakfast of homemade doughnuts (no picture...if you were making homemade doughnuts, you wouldn't have time for a picture either!), Elisabeth and Iwent to town to do a little Mother/Daughter shopping before stopping to pick up a friend.
She wanted to go swimming on her birthday so we went to the local ice hole swimming hole for some sand and swimming.

It wasn't the warmest day and the water was chilly but the beach wasn't packed either and the kids had great fun. I sat at the edge of the water in a beach chair and soaked up what little sun there was!

Someone had a very good time and thanks his big sister for choosing to swim at the lake.


After and dinner of fried chicken and many fixins (she chose a food heavy day but she is worth it!) We had cake and ice cream.

Her cake, her design.

Blowing out the candles