Thursday, August 26, 2010

Figuring it out

What a busy yet wonderful day! I have questioned myself all week as to why I started school in August! I really wanted to get a good five weeks under our belt before we have Grands visit at the end of September and I have planned to have six weeks of full curriculum and a week off (I am planning on having the blessings keep up with math and spelling on the seventh week). The seventh week will be a project/planning/whatever week for our family.  But next year we will still be on summer schedule until after Labor Day. Summer schedule for us is math/spelling/piano practice in the morning and then after that free time and often entire days off due to outside commitments/travel/mom's projects/etc.

We are all loving our science programs this year. The girls are going through Apologia's Elementary Science Human Anatomy and Physiology. We aren't moving as fast as I had planned but we are enjoying the notebooking journals and learning the history of the study of the human body so far. Levi is using Apologia's Exploring Creation with General Science. He had two experiments today and he enjoyed that. I purchased the notebook for this from Knowledge Box Central which is nice as well and helps me make sure he getting the information from the reading.

In yet other news, more food preserving today and jelly making. I froze two quarts each of broccoli and cauliflower...not much but still food in the freezer! I made a batch of Alaska blueberry jelly and a batch of blackberry jelly (from purchased frozen berries since I had all the stuff out for the blueberry!) The kitchen is cleaned and the counters are clear except for cooling jelly jars. Thanks to Mrs. L for coming out and bringing dinner and playing with blessings while I finished up the jelly.

We had a slight frost so we might be able to pick lowbush cranberries which are not ready until after a frost to be picked. I love those things so I hope we can pick them this weekend. I need to go look at them and see if they are ready.

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  1. I remember my mom and grandma making jam, and loving the "foam" that they skimmed off the top of the strawberry kind. I've never made it myself, though.