Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Island & Sea Visitor Center

The kids and I were out and about one day without Daddy, he was fishing. We stopped in at the Island & Sea Visitor Center and looked around. I like Visitor Centers they are historical, scientific, cultural all rolled into one.

The In-state Vacation

My husband usually takes a week off after baseball ends and we head out for fishing and sightseeing.  A change from the everyday and possibly taking home some fish for the freezer. The harvest hasn't been abundant but the vacation isn't over and some fish have been caught.
I will post the good pictures when I get them loaded but for now...

...the drive was long and divided into two driving days ...we fished ...we attempted to dipnet while here, didn't do great ...most importantly, we saw two of our favorite people in the world. This man was our Pastor when we first joined our church. Precious people who love God and each other. This wonderful lady taught me much from the Bible and taught me how to study the Bible.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vacation Destination?

I really have to laugh every time I see this plane flying around town. This reminds me of vacations at the beach and the planes flying over advertising whatever they were advertising. Maybe I live at the beach?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Today was support group meet up at the local lake beach, then grocery shopping, and home to make fireweed honey and I am about to head back to the kitchen to make something, just haven't decided what just yet. I decided on banana bread and pumpkin muffins.
The shopping cart picture of Benjamin cracks me up. Yes, you see junk food in my buggy, we are going camping!

Boxes arrive and this year Benjamin has stuff in the boxes

Boxes full of curriculum, books and school supplies have been arriving at our house this past week. Today Benjamin requested school so we broke out the science kit I picked for him. He loved it. We put fizzy color tablets in test tubes and observed them fizzle and dissolve and color the water. Then we mixed the primary colors to make secondary colors. Then he cleaned up and asked to watch Thomas.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Up to the Eyeballs

This week is baseball tournament week and swim lessons and I made a fourteen day personal commitment that takes approximately an hour of my day. I am up to my eyeballs just taking care of the basics. Today I slept in, we didn't leave the baseball field until 11:45pm last night. Like I said, it's tournament week and there are two games a night. Last week of baseball and it really is fun and normally does not require long evenings.
And, I slept in this morning. I needed sleep so I slept until Benjamin woke up which was thankfully very late.
Meals, laundry and basic household jobs are all that is happening here.
Levi's season ended last night. Elisabeth's will end Friday.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Blueberries are beginning to ripen. I always seem to check them too late and therefore have a smaller yield. There were too many unripened berries to use the berry picker so we picked by hand, leaving the not ripe berries for later.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Take me out to the ballpark

Tonight was Friends of NRA night at our local ballpark.  The Goldpanners played the Anchorage Glacier Pilots and Panners won! I have no clue as to the division of the team. I just attend games.
Baseball played without lights is cool. The game began at 7 pm and ended just before 10 pm with never light being needed. This midnight sun thing isn't so bad.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


I got my hair cut,  shorter than usual but I needed the change.

***Edited, picture hopefully added. Not much different just a few inches off.

On the way to family camp

Thursday afternoon we headed a couple of hours southwest to family camp. There are many hundred forest fires burning around the state but there are two big ones near us. One we passed on our way to camp. We had to stop and wait for a pilot car, which was actually a truck.  We were escorted through the fire danger area. In one of the pictures you can see brown/orange trees that have been slightly burned.
Thankfully we had clear air at camp and no pilot truck on the return trip home on Saturday.  Which means the fire has either burned out or has changed direction away from the road.
We had a great time at family camp but all family camp pictures were taken with the camera and I have not turned on a computer since our arrival home. Too much laundry and weeding. I have declared war on the weeds.

Monday, July 1, 2013


Friday night I found broccoli, spinach and lettuce ready for the picking so we had salad for dinner. We also had salmon dip and watermelon.
Saturday was baseball and camp food prep day. Judith took this horrible picture of me and yet I post it here. Keeping it real.
Flower bed or jungle?  Either way, plants are growing. I have been slowly filling my flower bed with native perennials and I almost have enough for a full bed. The dog digs so I am planning on a wild rose bush or two hoping the prickly plants will deter her.