Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day of school

I did not get around to taking the pictures with the date on the white board today. I didn't get to alot of things. Since Jenn posted her list of what she learned the first week of school I thought I should post what I learned the first day.

  1. Don't forget to ask the principal for my two days of teacher work days. I meant to but I kept forgetting and time kept getting away. (After his moose hunt, I plan on taking at least one day for my work)

  2. Even though I am not prepared past this week, I am ready for this week. (maybe not wholeheartedly but work wise I am ready)

  3. I was not mentally prepared for school.

  4. The house wasn't as clean as I wanted but I survived, barely.

  5. The blessings weren't ready either, it is still very nice outside, almost too nice.

  6. We didn't get everything I had planned accomplished(I planned too aggressively) and we didn't jump into all subjects at once but we still accomplished a good day's work.

Here are the kids at breakfast, don't they look thrilled. I think next year we should plan a back to school breakfast out with Dad like Leslie's family, I think this is such a neat idea. Hey, maybe we will have  a special breakfast out on Friday for finishing the first week of school? Who knows?

Not quite ready to get going, but up!

Judith looks awake at least!

I did manage to also take a picture of Judith making lunch.

So, there it is, we had breakfast and lunch! And much more!


  1. I love the back to school breakfast with Daddy idea! I'm sure by next year I'll have forgotten--remind me, will you? Just kidding. :o) Is a month into school too late?

  2. Ahh, so this is when you started school. I think my "What I learned the first day" will be a repeat of yours pretty much. We start our first day of school the same way for the past few years...homemade cinnamon rolls and smoothies at home. It's not much, but the girls think it's great...just don't ask me to make breakfast everyday. I'm not much of a breakfast eatter, so I prefer the "fend on your own" method.