Wednesday, August 24, 2016

North Pole Fitness and Nature Trails

What does home education look like around our place these days? Well, we are down to three students. We have slowly started working back into our studies around here. I really should name our little home academy. 
Monday was the official day of daily school. The girls have started about 80% of their school and Benjamin is at 90. I am waiting for one more box for him. 

I am working on schedules for meetings, classes and Eisabeth has a two afternoon a week job and I have accepted a very part time job with our homeschool program as a K4 person. 

Today Benjamin asked if we could do the fitness trail in our little town of North Pole. So we did. This trail system has five stations in which one can stop and do various warm-ups, exercises and cool downs. Pretty neat. 

The oh so necessary selfie

Mom as the caboose with the crew up ahead

Beaver Springs Slough

I thought I smelled those highbush cranberries. 

I just learned yesterday that North Pole has this little nature trail. Where have I been???

After the outing we returned home to hit the books. Once I completed my teaching tasks I was out in the garden to harvest more green beans. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016