Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A new bird

This bird spent some time at luncheon (excuse my Nancy Drew vocabulary) at our bird buffet this afternoon. Looks like some sort of wood pecker. I need to get out the bird book and identify this one.

We get by with a little help from Daddy

My weakness is implementing projects. I don't mind them but there always seems to be some little thing that stumps me. We need to make a 3D salt map of the Atlantic Ocean floor. I measured all the cookie sheets and only one comes close so we attempt but I waited until Dad was home to guide us. He sees things differently than I do and he usually has great suggestions to help make successful projects.
Elisabeth was marking out a grid for the model to transfer the geographical areas,  yes she is in her pajamas. We were working on this in the evening. Tomorrow we add the first portion of salt dough...oh my. I think I can, I think I  can.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

End of Unit Presentations


Judith Rae made two power points for her end of unit presentation


She read a portion of the amendments of the Constitution


And, she read a poem that she wrote.


Levi read about George Washington and Henry Knox


Benjamin had to sit still and quiet while they presented, that was a challenge.


Levi also read a few amendments to the Constitution and a poem he wrote.


Elisabeth shared about the rock cycle


She read a poem and a paper she wrote about George Washington.


Benjamin felt he needed to help Elisabeth since he watched her put her poster together.



Once everyone else presented, Benjamin felt the need to present something. He showed the paintings had painted earlier that day along with Daddy who held up a drawing for him.




Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bird Watching

The birds have found our all natural, organic, protein packed bird feeders. Yep, you guessed it, my wonderful husband placed the moose and caribou bones outside for the birds. Minus the bones we kept for making moose stock. I call this a win win. They get food, we see the birds and we are not constantly buying bird food and feeling guilty when I forget to pick up a bag.
Right now we have chickadees at the feeder, but we also have magpies, grey jays and wood peckers visit daily. Today was a great day to snap a few pics because we are finally enjoying a sunny day.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Little Soapbox

Sunday evening I was home alone as the family attended evening services at church. I checked foodnetwork for interesting programming and none was to be found. I settled on a movie on TCM with Van Johnson and Elizabeth Taylor. A line in the movie caught my attention. Elizabeth Taylor's character was attempting to wear a dress after giving birth to a baby and she said, "I'll never be a size 10 again."
I will leave it here because I have lots to say but I won't. But the American perspective is so messed up on so many levels.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Feast or Famine

Seems as though I cannot find a blogging schedule or routine. I either post multiple posts in one day or post not at all for a week. And I most certainly struggle with scheduled blog posts such as weekly reviews, which I dearly desire to produce.

O well, let's catch up on last week. We started back to school last Monday and then on Tuesday we were out and about almost all day, piano in the morning then home for lunch and chores then back out for grocery shopping and a gym time. Wednesday we got a partial day of school work squeezed in and then I was off to Anchorage for the day Thursday for my thyroid appointment with the endocrinologist and shopping. I got in enough shopping for a good long time, I just do not enjoy shopping at all. I was glad to get home as I had started coughing Wednesday evening and he coughing increased throughout the day on Thursday but I was not miserable while on my day trip, minus the plane ride to Anchorage that morning, I was miserable on take off and landing. Yes, I had to fly to Anchorage to see a doctor. Well, I didn't have to fly, we choose for me to fly opposed to a six to seven hour drive, hotel room, meals, etc. I did eat at my favorite Mom and Pop place there and at Olive Garden so that was a treat. I also bought a couple of things that I cannot find here and a couple of new clothing pieces but that was it. I had high hopes for clearance deals, but the prices were not low enough for me. Did I mention that I do not enjoy shopping?

My flight arrived back in Fairbanks around eight that evening and on the way home my husband wisely informed me that since I had been awake since 3:30 am that I was to go home and straight to bed. He has learned that his wife: 1) doesn't travel well 2) does not function well on little sleep. 

Friday morning I woke up feeling yucky and the cough was worse. Odd, almost weird cough, not productive but not dry but definitely a deep cough. I just felt tired and a little achy but thankfully no fever and no other symptoms. I hung out on the couch while the family made a quick trip to town and back and then out for some snowmachining. My husband reworked and added a couple of shelves to the pantry so I helped with the clearing out and reshelving items in the pantry. Now the pantry seems better organized, so nice. Also, I did manage to make dinner Friday and thankfully made enough for leftovers on Saturday because I felt yuckier on Saturday.

By Sunday evening I didn't feel achy but still coughing but it seems a more productive and not so deep a cough. I was able to get my bearings for school for the week as we have few distractions out side of the home this week, I think. I'd better check that schedule.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Levi's First Caribou

Levi got his first caribou on Friday!
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A Little Sewing

I am thankful that my friend, Angela moved back to Alaska. She enjoys crafts and she has three girls, so we craft.

This day was sewing, pillowcases, to be exact.
Even the Mom's learned something new, French seams!
And we were impressed by the time line, we had four girls with finished pillowcases from set up to clean up in about 2 1/2 hours.

Elisabeth learning that sometimes you just have to use the seam ripper and start over.

Judith's finished pillowcase, with a photo bomb!

I really like the fabrics she chose.

Benjamin had to get in Liberty's picture, this was Liberty's first sewing machine driving and she did great!

Elisabeth's finished pillowcase, already stuffed with a pillow.
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New Year's Day

I joined the family on a snow machine ride, I just do not do this enough. I shall work on this during 2013.

This is one of those pictures that turn out just adorable. I have a tough time getting a good picture of this guy as he is constantly moving and and picture smiles are forced and not as cute as he really is.

 These hands, they work hard, fix just about anything and everything. Yet, they hold, hug and love.

The sky mid morning

2012 Goes Out With a Fire and a Bang

We have kind of settled in with the New Year's Eve tradition of my husband's deep fried halibut, bonfire(to get rid of all the cardboard boxes and wrapping paper) and fireworks.
Here are the better pictures, if one can get good firework pictures, but better than the one's I posted on New Year's Eve night.

The fire

The adders of boxes and papers and fireworks spectators

A few Blessings, ours and others


This brave young man held the roman candle tube but he had his Dad and our Dad for safety procautions.
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We made it through Christmas, the boys were sick the week before but were fine by Christmas Eve.
I shall not bore anyone with forty eleven pictures of my children opening presents, instead I post a picture of my wonderful husband, whom I love so much.

And photographic proof as to why I prefer opening presents on Christmas Eve,

verses Christmas Morning. 

Yes, I cannot believe I am posting this picture but alas, I am. Because even with squinty eyes and a funny smile I still look better on Christmas Eve than Christmas morning.
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