Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week In Review—Week Eight


I work really hard at keeping Monday a home day. We stayed home and got busy with our lessons.

I did have the opportunity on Monday evening to attend a parent/principal function for our school program. I enjoyed visiting with fellow parents.



Tuesday mornings we head out for morning piano lessons. We drive by this flag every week. I do not think I will ever tire of seeing this large flag whipping in the wind. And yes, this is the amount of daylight at 9 a.m.



Home for lessons, we have found a great groove in which to ride this school year and I am thankful.


We worked through our morning schedule and were out the door to have lunch and play time with friends. It was a great time, all be it a bit loud but when you have eight children in one house….well, it can be noisy. But it was a good noisy with happy, playing children. Including these two two year olds. These guys didn’t get off to the best start this summer but here they are a couple of months older and they are great buds.

They pushed trains through the house and then they camped out. All such good fun.


Benjamin was “sleeping”



More school work but I also had a church dinner to prep for. I had one of those “You know you are a homeschool mom when you….have a Grammar lesson with your book propped open on the kitchen counter while you prepare food” kind of moments.


We enjoyed the International dinner at church and we got to see one of our favorite missionary couples. A good time for sure.


Judith asked to make a pie for her Maine Geography project. Saturday left Judith and I home alone and the perfect time to make a blueberry pie.

Daddy had taken the rest of the Blessings on a short scouting road trip so it was a quiet morning at home.


The pie before going into the oven. The ME is not for me but for the postal abbreviation for Maine. Don’t tell Judith she was doing school work on Saturday.


Elisabeth has graduated to a shotgun but our lefty didn’t have her own gun. She decided that she was ready to make this big purchase so she and Daddy went to buy her gun today. A Browning BPS 20 gauge for bird hunting and she is a great shot. This gun drops the spent shells out the bottom of the gun so this works for my lefty.

This isn’t the full gun, just the stock but I got a couple of pictures anyway.


The finished pie and yes, I know her hair is a mess, this was late Saturday afternoon and she is 10, she is supposed to have messy hair.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review and a Giveaway


I recently had the opportunity to review three books for Pumpkin Seed Press. I had already read through some of The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood so I was really looking forward to reading Beyond Beautiful Girlhood and The Three Weavers.

I will review each book separately…

The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood

Do you know how sometimes you need someone to put something together for you that says what you want to say but their work greatly aids your efforts and even keep you for attempting to recreate the wheel? Well, this book is what I would want to teach and discuss with my girls. I attempted this book with my girls together this past spring but one of them wasn’t ready. We will be beginning this soon as I think the time has come.

Ages 9-13



Beyond Beautiful Girlhood

This was my favorite of the three books. I liked the separate mother and daughter studies with each chapter. I look forward to the growing that my daughters and I will experience with this book when the time comes. Good stuff here, good stuff.

Ages 12-18




The Three Weavers with Companion Study Guide

A book for a Father/Daughter Study on Purity. I enjoyed reading through this book and the Bible study sections would be a good relationship builder during this time in a girls life.

Ages 12-18.

And the giveaway:

I am giving away a copy of The Three Weavers. Just leave a comment and I will draw a winner on November 1st.

***I was given a copy of these books from the publisher to review. All opinions are mine.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I am thankful for our garage but our house has only a one car garage. Therefore, in the spring, summer and fall our garage is the staging area for all things fishing and hunting and shoving (on my part).

The snow and the temperature have fallen so this Saturday my husband cleaned out the garage somehow…in between a trip to the local hardware store to pick up more canning jars for me, a few hours of work and a trip to town to deliver a meal…the garage was ready for the van. Yes, he is the greatest and going to church was so cozy this morning.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week In Review—Week Seven


Church, Judith and I taught the 4 & 5’s during worship service. Home for a yummy lunch of moose roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, gravy and homemade bread. Judith made banana pudding for dessert, yummy!

We spent Sunday afternoon getting airline tickets for a spring trip to the lower 48, then back to church for evening service.


A good school day, much accomplished. When everyone finished their morning school work they headed out to play in the freshly fallen snow until lunch time. And they were right back out there after dinner.


When the Blessing woke up each one came in with complaints of not feeling well, Judith even seemed a bit relapsed as she has already had this for a couple of weeks. I notify our piano teacher and the honey lady that we were staying home. The snow was coming down all day so we did a little morning school work and then we rested all afternoon.

After dinner I was out the door for grocery getting. I missed my helpers!


Benjamin woke up at 4am and was up until Daddy left for work at 6 am…needless to say, we went back to bed.
We had a late start to our day. I let the big Blessings take their time getting going. I read aloud for a while in the morning and ended up finishing the book this afternoon. The girls feel better but Levi is still not feeling great. I did inform him that tomorrow was a regular school day. Daddy and the girls went to church tonight while the boys and I stayed home. I got a few household chores accomplished.


Still had some not feeling so great kids so the school work was minimal but a few lessons were finished.

We are now into woodstove season so I needed to move a few things around in the family room to make things more manageable and eye pleasing for me. I did this right before bed and was quick about it. Still needs some tweaking but we will get there.


Dad had to work today so the day seemed odd, we were able to put in a full school day though.

I canned chicken stock after dinner and Judith, Elisabeth and I cut apples for applesauce. The apples were cooked and sauced and in the fridge before bedtime.


Apple canning day. More apples to peel and slice for canning sliced apples and the apple sauce to can.

The canning for this week:

Applesauce in the front, apples in the middle and the chicken stock in the back.


I made pinto beans, cornbread, smoked sausage with potatoes, onions and peppers and we are going to have our first taste of the sauerkraut. Oh, and bread too! I had run out of wheat berries and was able to pick up more on Tuesday and it has taken me this long to make the time for bread making.  Needless to say, my house is a wreck but I have worked hard today and we are having leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

I do believe this is the first Week In Review that has been posted in a timely manner.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week In Review—Week Six

Monday was Columbus Day and Daddy had the day off so he and Levi and Elisabeth went bird and moose hunting. Judith, Benjamin and I stayed home.
Piano and then home for school, we had a flurry of snow. We try our best to keep Benjamin occupied with his toys while we are in the midst of school work. Here Benjamin is playing with his wooden toys while the girls are working on their science. They are watching their pulse using clay and a toothpick.
Benjamin has his own desk due to the generosity of friends, thanks!!!
The dusting of snow…not much at all and it was gone quickly.
A quick morning of school and then off to a Doctor’s Appointment for me. Nothing major just a quick trip to the dermatologist to have a skin check. Good visit with a new Doctor, really like her.
The guys go moose hunting again and the girls and Benjamin and I are home, I cleaned and other such stuff.
We headed into town to do a little clothes shopping, errand running and to pick up the girls’ finished pottery pieces. They took a month long pottery class and ended up making quite a few pieces.
Elisabeth and her pieces.
Judith and her pieces.
Friday night my wonderful husband had a rare treat to some time out alone thanks to a precious offer of a friend to come to our house and watch our Blessings!
The guys went moose hunting again and the girls and I stayed in and enjoyed a very low key day. I didn’t do much cooking or cleaning since the house was fairly clean. I sewed up a skirt for Elisabeth and she sewed a pillow we had been planning too long to make.

A chemist came and tested our water for the second time due to a contamination from the refinery…we “passed” the test last year. This year they are setting anyone tested up with water delivery service. Oh my!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week in Review--Week Five

A Monday at home, such bliss for me! We jumped headlong into our lessons for the week.

Up and at 'em to vote on the way to piano lessons. After piano we headed into town instead of heading home. Today was home school day at the Museum = free day! We met up with Kendra and her crew at the museum and had a grand old time seeing the sights and enjoying a few moments here and there chatting. Very few since we have eight Blessings between us! And two of them are two.

Just a plain old school day.

I think this was just another day at home, pretty low key week. I enjoy low key weeks. I do know that everyone is finally getting the schedules down and they are realizing that they decide how long their school day is by how much time they waste....finally!
Judith and I went out to dinner and a little shopping, it is quite quiet with only one 10 year old with me.

Duck hunting for the guys, the season is almost finished so they only have a couple more weeks of good duck hunting weather.
Benjamin had story time at the library. He is finally beginning to watch the librarian and not the other kids.
During nap time I began cleaning the dining room walls, floor and curtains. I had to stop before I was finished to get dinner prepared.
We also made a late evening trip into town for a quick errand.

The guys headed out for a moose hunting day but they didn't even make it to the highway when something went wrong with the truck. My wonderful husband was able to get the part replaced for free, thankful for warranties and a man that keeps his paperwork. He took Levi, Elisabeth, Benjamin and Emmy to town to get the part and he did some Sam's shopping! Yes, he is great. Judith and I enjoyed a quiet morning working through our chore lists and then she was able to talk on the phone with her friend who just moved away. (One of the downsides to living here is the ever moving revolving door in and out of Alaska) I am almost finished with the dining room and then I will move on to the kitchen! I am not used to working in such baby steps but I must need to get used to living this way for a couple more years at least?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week in Review—Week Four


Monday morning is piano day, we have our lessons bright and early Monday morning so we are up and at em’ and out the door. The Blessings work on school work while we are at piano. When we return home we have lunch and watch any dvd’s we might need to watch for school work while we are eating lunch. Since we are away from home all morning we spend all afternoon on Monday finishing up with our lessons. This upcoming week we have Tuesday lessons due to our teacher’s schedule. I think we may just go back to Tuesday lessons if this week goes better.


A day at home! I greatly enjoy days at home. Well, we were home until after nap time. The Big Blessings had dental cleanings.


Another at home day which was full of lessons. The girls studied the cardiovascular system this week. They made very simple heart models with graham crackers, frosting and marshmallows. They enjoyed this snack for sure.




Happy 10th Birthday to Judith!! In our Home School you get your birthday off. Actually, Judith and Benjamin are the only students with school year birthdays. We had a fun day at home, Judith enjoyed her presents and late that afternoon we went to the indoor mini golf and then the girls and I attended our ASL class.



Judith using her birthday gifts to write thank you notes.



Fridays in September have ben crazy! I have been taking Benjamin to the two year old story time at the library and after that we are home to grab a to go lunch and head into town for pottery class. This week was our last pottery class!! I am so glad the girls had an opportunity to take this class just as happy that I am that the class is finished.

After pottery we headed to Sam’s Club for pizza and to pick up a few items before heading home to wait for the guys to arrive home from duck hunting.


My wonderful husband and Elisabeth went upland bird hunting so I was home with three Blessings. We had a super lazy morning (much needed for me). Right before lunch we headed out in search for any late season berries that might still be out there (I think we gathered about a cup). I am glad we ventured out, the weather was lovely. Sunny and crisp, a great late season autumnal day. During naptime I watched a couple of craft shows on PBS and did a little hand sewing while piled up with a couple of Blessings. After naptime I realized that we must eat dinner and got busy getting something together. Saturday night is full of baths, ironing and general getting ready for Sunday morning. Dad did take everyone for a four wheeler ride while I cleaned the kitchen and started ironing, that was so pleasant to do those things in complete silence. 


Everyone was well and we were all able to attend church as a family. Elisabeth and I taught Junior Church during the worship hour. This afternoon has been quaint with some preparations for our First Sunday Fellowship at church this evening. I have spent the day posting pictures to Facebook and getting prepared for tomorrow’s lessons (and posting blog posts). My Benjamin had his nap and I hear some out of doors fall clean up going on. We rest in the winter but when the ground isn’t covered with snow, we are very much constantly “doing” something around here.

The Weekend

Almost every Friday my guys load up and go duck hunting. This Friday was no exception.

Here is Emmy our Chocolate Labrador Retriever, retrieving… she’s a good dog.


Look at their view, I could sit there for a while looking at this view.


More dog work.


A duck


A goose, they don’t get many of those. We are going to have a roasted goose in the near future!





Elisabeth had asked to go grouse hunting so on Saturday she and Dad went upland game bird hunting. She didn’t get a grouse but she did get a Ptarmigan (our state bird).