Saturday, June 29, 2013


Baleen for an intersection near you. Only in Alaska and on a smoky day.

Friday, June 28, 2013


Field maintenance was needed on the field on which Levi's team practices. I learned quite a bit that evening as to which boys had been taught to work and which ones hadn't. I am not being judgmental. Honestly, you can just tell.
We had a good time working when we arrived at the field that evening. Working together outside of uniforms, balls, gloves and bats helps build teamwork.  Must have helped because the next evening they won 23 to 8.

Monday, June 24, 2013

What a Summer

We have had unbelievable hot temperatures for a couple of weeks. We are thankful and enjoying every single minute.

My Unsocialized Home Educated Son

Levi is in the middle of his third year of baseball. We are very thankful that every year he has had good coaches and teammates. Believe it or not he has fit in just fine every single year. Last week coaches made him team captain. In three years there has never been a team captain so I am uncertain as to why there is one this year but there is. I believe being home educated is the reason he is team captain. He stepped into a leadership position without being placed there,  and then he was given the title. He works diligently, he takes initiative and pretty much gives his coaches and team all the teaching and training that we have worked for almost fifteen years to instill a work ethic in him. He still has much to learn and even though he doesn't always give us the same 100% at home, I see that it is there. That is seeing the fruit of our labor and getting a glimpse of the man he will some day be. Now, to transfer these skills to cleaning his room.....

***this isn't a brag post just a "where we are in life"post AKA, Momma needed this glimpse of her son post

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Very Warm???

My husband and I went out for our twentieth anniversary tonight.  The temperature before going into the restaurant. I live in the land if extremes.

Daddy Time

--four wheeling
Guess who the crew was with today?

I love this photo, four Blessings, four guns. ***every gun safety rule is always followed***

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Around the Last Frontier




Planted and waiting for growth


Row markers



Levi pitched tonight, the entire game. Shew, being the Mom of the pitcher is tense! And, his team won their first game.


One happy guy, he LOVES playing baseball.


How I am surving baseball without eating out

Baseball season, that wonderful time of year that means evenings at the baseball fields. We have two players, two age brackets, two teams, two schedules. Here's how we manage:
    Time -- Dad goes to all games and keeps the score book. Mom (Me!) attends practices and gets to games if not a practice night.
    Meals-- we flip flopped lunch and dinner. The kids and I eat our big meal in the middle of the day and have lunch type meals before the game /practice. A simple and easy switch that makes 5:00 much more pleasant. My husband is a day behind us with meals and takes leftovers for lunch. I make him a sandwich or wrap for dinner.

What I have found for me. I am eating less later in the evening.  I have a smoothie most mornings then the big meal and a light evening meal. Less snacking for me too. Less baseball snacking during the game. Win!! Win!!

Bible Study Slump

I have been in a Bible study/reading slump for a few months. I was without a plan. I have done a few online studies and those were fruitful studies. But the last couple if studies they had just seemed different so I stopped.
I have been needing a plan and I revisited an old plan from years ago and now I have a plan again.
Here is what I am doing:
  Monday--Pentateuch reading
  Tuesday & Wednesday -- OT History
  Thursday--OT Prophets
  Friday--NT History
  Saturday --NT Epistles
  Sunday-- Psalms and Proverbs
I enjoy a plan,  I need a plan.
I am also reading a Mom book and there is some study along with that book as well.