Monday, November 24, 2008

Still sleeping sporatically and Happy Thanksgiving

Here I sit at 11:30pm wide awake (I still hear blessing #1 making some noise from his bed as well). I fell asleep on the couch tonight but woke up and headed to get ready for bed. By that time, I was awake and I am still awake two hours later. What all has happened in that time frame? I  hugged, kissed and prayed with my children before I went to bed, my husband came in and turned the light on to read, his cell phone rang and I listened to him talk on the phone, blessing #3 came in with a stomach ache and by that time I got up to get something out of the freezer for tomorrow's dinner since the phone call was a confirmation from some dear out of town friends (that are in town) that they will be able to come to dinner tomorrow evening. By the time I returned from the freezer I decided to give up and read a few minutes, then my husband sent me to check on the stomach ache sufferer and now she is asleep and I am wide awake! Guess I am getting ready for those late night feedings!  A lot can happen in a short period of time around here, especially at the bedtime hour! 

Today was my weekly DR appointment. It was a quick one as he had a baby close to delivery at the hospital. The baby was measured and the heart rate taken, everything is on track and "normal". I asked a quick question and was out the door. At this point I do hope that baby waits until after Thanksgiving to make an arrival. I know I am not due yet but I am in that "delivery" zone and we wonder how much longer until baby comes.


victorian.jpg image by kaysmarmey

I am looking forward to my favorite holiday on Thursday even though I will not be at home doing all that wonderful cooking and preperation and decorating for the day. As I reflect on last year's Thanksgiving, I will miss the people we had here last year but this year we will be with our friends who just returned to Alaska and we will have a great day. I must remember to make and take "sweet tea" as they are northerners and do not make or drink sweet tea. Some things you have to over look in people, but they are still okay.

Pa-Pa is in our hometown to have Thanksgiving with her family and I do wish we could be there to have the time with our families and see Pa-Pa and K as well, but it just wasn't to be this year.

I do not know if I will have much free time over the next couple of days to post as I will be doing a little cooking to take to share and a little school work has to be done, etc..... But I will post if there is any baby news to report.

May the Lord find us faithful.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Still here

I am still waiting for the birth of our little baby. I am not due yet so that is no surprise. We have been busy with school and things here at home.  I will make sure to update when the happy event occurs.

May the Lord find us faithful.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Please pray for a family that used to be in our church. They moved away a little over a year ago to the lower 48. The wife/mother passed away this morning after a long battle with cancer. My husband has known her many more years than I have as they both worked together many years ago. She had two girls who are around 10 and 8ish. No matter how much one prepares there is nothing that one can do to get ready for this type of thing. May the Lord find us faithful.

Being away

I have not intended to be away from the blog for so many days. Things are fine with the baby but we have had headcolds going through our home. The other two are doing much better and I am the third person one on her way to recovery. I had the typical beginnings of head stuffiness over the weekend and my cough began on Monday. For some reason I always get a cough after a cold and this time was no exception. At this point I am not really in a good place to handle a cough. I have been taking a cough syrup and that has helped tremendously.  I am thankful that yesterday was Veteran's Day as the veteran that lives here also had the day off from work yesterday and he took care of many things that I just could not get too. I also got to go to an impromtu late lunch with a dear friend who stopped by to check on me. I have been craving soup all weekend and she was going to the local Chinese resturant so I was able to have some hot and spicy soup. My taste buds are so dead from the cold that I didn't even taste any hot and spicy. But after I ate that soup and began my entree I broke out in a sweat and then became clammy. I honestly know that was the turning point in my cold. I feel much better today and slept better last night. I will still have my cough for a few days but I am used to lingering coughs. The blessings who had colds recover much faster because I have my natural remedies that they get when this type of thing begins and they have very short bouts with colds.

No new news from my DR visit on Monday. But we are now to weekly visits to the office. We are in the home stretch.

I love being home wtih these little people. I have two at the breakfast table reading and eating their breakfast. If we had to get up and leave each morning breakfast would be a little more "rushed", they can linger a little longer and read...

May the Lord find us faithful.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

35 weeks

I added a second baby ticker on the left side... I know one was enough but I wanted to see that little floating baby but I still think the little baby in the pea pod at the top is cute. So, for the last five weeks, I choose to have two baby tickers. Oh, that little baby in the pea pod is getting closer and closer to home!!!! Yahoo!!!!

May the Lord find us faithful.

Do the people at Taco Bell....

I go to the North Pole Taco Bell on a regular basis, drive thru only. One of my only cravings has been for Double Decker Taco Supremes and a Pepsi. Truely, that has been one of my biggest dietary mainstays this entire pregnancy. I will say that my Taco Bell eating has lessened since my surgery but it has not stopped. Actually, I was there last night and I think I will stop again tonight on my way to church. I wonder if they will miss me when I am no longer pregnant?

May the Lord find us faithful.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Nature study

Today was....well, Monday. I still do not function well on Monday. I am a little tired from Sunday and our Sunday was busy and not restful at all. That translates to no nap for Mama. Of course, we accomplished our school work for the day but we had one of those "teachable, obserable moments" today. As I mentioned before we are studying flying creatures of the fifth day in science, that said, the blessings were listening to the science lesson someone spotted a magpie out of the window. Here is a picture of a magpie, I think they are prettier when in flight with that long tail of theirs.


It took me a while to find a picture of a little ermine since we happened to see one of these guys while looking at the magpie.

Picture - ermine peeking<br/>over a snow drift.<br/>fotosearch - search<br/>stock photos,<br/>pictures, images,<br/>and photo clipart

He scooted across the yard, he is actually a welcome sight as he is a carnivore and eats little shrews that live in and around our yard. Plus it was nice to see a different animal hanging out here in our yard. And we saw it all from the comfort of our own couch. I love living here!!!


May the Lord find us faithful.

Please Pray and Vote

Tomorrow is the day. Please pray and please vote.

May the Lord find us faithful.