Sunday, June 24, 2012

Get It Done Day

Monday, June 25, 2012 is planned to be get it done day. I have a few unfinished things that need to be dealt with and this is the day planned to tackle these tasks.

Back in May, when the Blessings were sick, I completely and thoroughly cleaned out the boys bedroom and closet. I mean everything came out of that room but the bunk beds and one dresser. Every toy, box, book, stashed baseball cards, stray parts and stray sock came out of that room. When it was all sorted and dealt with everything that was going back in went in. Then there were are few things that needed dealt with and they got placed on Benjamin’s dresser. Well, that pile has been added to and now it needs to be dealt with before it attracts even more items. I have a couple of other areas as this one that need to be dealt with before things get out of hand in other rooms. Some rooms need this very same process as the boys’ room but that is not a task for Monday.

Various and Sundry Pictures and Living


Oh my, where does the time go? I rarely sit down with a computer anymore. Summer in Alaska means go, go and then go a little more.

Our May was crazy with five of us having influenza and Dad being out of town. That said, on Memorial Day I went to lunch with a friend and Daddy and the crew did one of their favorite activities, target practice. This is a pretty good looking crew.


Elisabeth played her first baseball game. She is enjoying playing.


Getting ready to bat.


Someone has either a practice or game every night so that means one parent to a practice and one to a game on nights that a game is in town. Benjamin and I spent some time throwing football one night during Elisabeth’s practice.


Our home school program had the annual end of year picnic and we ended with a train ride around Pioneer Park.


Summer reading program is in full swing at the local library. One week was the museum without walls. I forgot how simple it is to keep a three year old occupied. I made a mental note of some of the activities for those summer afternoons.



I have one flower bed and I pretty much refuse to spend much money if any for annual flowers. I dig up perennials from around our yard and move them into the garden and I glean from the abundance of the gardens of friends. The bed is finally coming along to my liking. I still need to add a few things to balance things out but I am happy with where the bed is going.




Those horrible dirt piles at the baseball fields are a magnet to this three year old. He goes home filthy but he has so much fun!


Last night Judith and Benjamin and I spent practice riding and walking. I am not sure how far this little guy pedaled but we moved for over an hour (minus the few minutes we spent inside the library).





Out in front of the library.


I am not sure if I believe this sign but we have had a toasty warm week. I think the temperature was a few degrees cooler.


Elisabeth “walking” to first tonight.


Half of our crew are at the Goldpanners Midnight Sun baseball game. Played without lights and first pitch is thrown at 10:30 PM. This will be a first for our family, well for half of our family. Elisabeth has already caught a ball, love texting for that fact, I can know what happens as it happens. I am using this time to update the old blog and get some sleep.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Levi's First Black Bear

Levi shot his first big animal today, a black bear.

Minute to Win It

Our local library held an activity for the kids today called minute to win it (I guess it is a tv show???). The girls had a blast trying to beat the clock while attempting the various challenges.
Some of the challenges were:
Getting an oreo from forehead to mouth
Picking up penne pasta with spaghetti and dumping in a bowl
Elephant march--goal was to knock over water bottles

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Reading Program

Benjamin is signed up for his first summer reading program at the library.

Used Curriculum Sale

Every May a local homeschool Mom puts together a used curriculum sale. Here is my box of finds, minus a few items that I have seen in various places around the house. Levi and Elisabeth worked a table with the leadership team so we spent a longer span of time there today. Judith kept coming back with treasures, she found a kindle cover made from an old book.

I shall return to vacation photos soon.

Thankful and Sad at the Same Time

Tonight the Dora Rae pulls out of our driveway for the last time. She has been sold. I thank the Lord for bringing a buyer our way. We tried to sell her last summer and fall but the timing was never right. As soon as my husband returned home from his last trip he posted the boat for sale again. She is going to a nice couple who are planning their retirement in southern, coastal Alaska. May she bring them many enjoyable days afloat.
Why are we selling? Four out of six of us get seasick, we aren't sure of Benjamin yet, and our dreams of great family trips with this boat quickly vanished. We held onto her because my husband loved her and the halibut was quite yummy. She hasn't left our driveway in a few years and we still had halibut in our freezer thanks to charters and friends with boats. And, my husband needs a new four wheeler and the entire family can use and enjoy that!  She will sail on with new owners and a new name. I think a new four wheeler will be found within a couple of weeks.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ignoring the Blog

Since my last post, I have pretty much ignored my blog. Mostly because I had to and then because I had to catch up on everyday stuff.
We returned home from our trip to the lower 48 on April 26th and my husband left for the lower 48 again on May 6th. The first week went well, the snow was gone, the days were long and so was my "Husband is gone" to do list. I had grand plans, cleaning, purging, painting. And then on Tuesday, May 8th, all four children woke up stuffy and Levi had a headache and was just not feeling well. Wednesday we took it easy but Levi and Elisabeth had baseball assessments so we ventured out for that. Thursday was a so so day but no one felt great. Friday, the 11th, we headed out for a living history civil war day. By the end of the morning, Levi was ready to go home and every thing went down hill from there. He spent Friday and Saturday on the couch. On Mother's Day we headed to the clinic that is open 365 days a year and we received a diagnosis of type B influenza. Seriously? Yep, this happens almost every time my husband leaves the state. I will interject here, you know your children a growing up when they apologize for being sick on Mother's Day and that you can't go to church and that you don't get your annual Mother's Day lunch.
Monday morning we wake up to everyone but me feeling worn out but not quite sick yet. Tuesday the remaining family members were at the clinic.
The oldest three had full blow flu but Benjamin and I were caught very early on and the meds they prescribe helped up have a much shorter illness and fewer symptoms. By the time I had my two down days my older ones were feeling better and able to help entertain the little guy and I never went down and stayed down like the Blessings did. I am thankful that I was able to do a few things each day with down times throughout the day. We missed two Sundays of church and one full week of baseball practices. And, we were all well by the time my husband flew back home on May 25th.

Now we are in the middle of baseball season, practice and games every evening and two are playing this year. Elisabeth is playing baseball this year, and she loves it! I will take the sick stay at home days and be thankful that Daddy is home to divide and conquer the two baseball schedules!