Thursday, January 19, 2012

One of the Reasons the Blog Has Been Quiet


A baby has arrived!

Monday night gave the opportunity to work on a fun, out of the norm project to celebrate a precious little baby boy.

I love pinterest and all the great ideas that are shared there.

Here are a few pictures of the food table before the eating began.



The babies first name starts with a G so we used his initial in various places around the room. Here is the Mommy’s special chair. 1326770225079


We had a milk and cookies subtheme going on as well. I love all the cookies displayed in jars and bowls.


Thanking the Lord for such a precious blessing.


Friday, January 13, 2012

A Moose

He did it, he brought a moose home today. Yippee and yahoo! Let the processing begin.

The Cold Is A Comin'

We have a cold weekend in the forecast. Now, I don't mean a normal -20 temperature, -20 is liveable, really it is and no I haven't drank any koolaid lately. We are used to -20, but we have -50 being predicted for Sunday and the temperature has been dropping all day. The windows tell me the temperature is dropping, I don't even have to look at the thermometer or call the time/temperature number, I just check the windows and they say the temp is dropping and the sky is blue, no clouds often means very cold. I pray it waits until later tonight to drop drastically because my wonderful husband is out on a snow machine looking for a moose today. Once he gets home the temperature can drop as low as it cares to drop. We are prepared for a weekend inside, we can clean if nothing else!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Question That Warrants a Post

Hi! Every now and again I get a comment question that needs to be answered as a post all of its own. Sharity asked if the Christmas decorations stay up year round in our town of North Pole. The answer is yes and no. We have very cute street lights that are shaped and painted like candy canes, those stay up year round. Then, there is the Santa Claus House that is decorated for Christmas all year long as the name would imply. I mean the tourists have to experience some of our little town Christmas feel even in the summer time when they come by the multitudes to our little town to see Santa Claus. But for the most part the town looks fairly normal, if you call candy cane light posts normal. There are not Christmas lights in the summer since the lights cannot be seen due to twenty plus hours of sunlight in the summer. Oh, how I miss those long hours of sunlight, thankfullly we are gaining and within a month our days will be much longer, oh I long for that day. Back to Christmas decorations, Wendy's is decorated for Christmas year around and there may be a few other places that keep the decor up year round but I cannot recall at this point since most places are decorated, oh, the post office keeps a little Christmas up year round but very little.
And one last thing, Carrie, I miss you too!

Welcome to my Hometown




Welcome to our little corner of the world. I finally drove through North Pole during the daylight hours and thanks to my handy dandy phone with a camera I was able to snap this photo. This morning was gray but I see the sun shining just a bit now, thankfully.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Candy Science

Judith picked out a candy science experiment kit for Christmas, science/Christmas gift, when I saw that on her list that was and “I am ordering that” Some day they will catch on but until then.  I will love these days.

I only got the cooking pictures on my phone and the proper cord for my phone is not next the computer so that will not be posted here, sorry.

All the photos here are actually the final step, oops.

First, Judith and I measured the sugar, corn syrup and cream of tartar and water into a saucepan to cook to 300 degrees.

Then, we added food coloring and bubble gum flavoring. The candy turned out her favorite color.


Pulling and cutting.





Word is that this is yummy stuff, I will take their word for it, they are professional candy tasters, they should know.


I think she was enjoying herself.



Next on the list of experiments to try: Gummies.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year’s Eve


Halibut, Bon fire, and fireworks. I think I will name this as our new New Year’s Eve tradition.


The temperature was about –30 degrees so I took these pictures through the window because I was not going to gear up to take a couple of pictures. The kids had a blast and even Benjamin went out for the whole time.


The Days

Since I have been posting about my accomplishments, or lack there of, I thought I should give an update today. Today was a school day, albeit a light day. I think that was good for the Blessings to have a light day. I woke up at 5:00 am feeling normal, for which I was thankful. After my husband got off to work at -45 degrees, I attempted to go back to bed. Couldn't sleep, so I got up and did a couple of parts out of my workout dvd as I was not up to a full workout this morning. My Blessings all slept in this morning so I had much needed quiet time this morning.
I still haven't gotten to that to do list from Monday but things did get accomplished today, hey, we got some school accomplished for crying out loud and I made dinner.
Judith received a candy making science kit for Christmas so we will be making hard candy tonight. Right now, Levi is watching a bowl game and the girls are working on a science experiment that they missed due to lack of ingredients and as I am typing up this post I have a hopefully nice concoction of grains milling in the grain mill that are supposed to make into a great all-purpose flour...we will see. I hope to attend an ethnic bread class this weekend, looking forward to that.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Way it Goes

Well, wouldn't you know that if I post my to do list on my blog that I will wake up all yucky feeling? Yep, that is what happened today. I am still not sure what was wrong with me. Sometime during the night I had a sore throat and my wonderful husband let me sleep in until I was fully awake and ready to rise for the day. I thought a nice hot essential oils bath would help but it didn't. So, I spent the day on the couch with a few little things here and there. But, the Christmas decorations are still up and the fridges are not cleaned out.
Therefore, I will not be making a blog post to do list for tomorrow because I want tomorrow to be a productive day.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year

What to do on the first day of the new year? Well, for me not much. The temperature fell to -45 overnight and a certain three year old is fighting off a head cold and he woke up early in the morning and his Momma does not go back to sleep as easily as he does. Being awake for a couple of hours in the middle of the night does not make for a good morning. Benjamin and I eneded up staying home from church this morning, he is fighting a head cold so it was probably a good thing that we stayed home.
So I will hibernate today while the the temperatures are so cold.
Tomorrow the Christmas decoartions will come down, the refrigerators will be cleaned out. I hope to spend some time planning for the upcoming school week. I have some ideas about changing some things up. My reading over the past few weeks has got me thinking of some changes, minor changes but changes none the least.