Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am still here

I am still alive. I am definitely getting closer to being over this morning sickness thing but not quite out of the woods yet. I go for my first ultrasound today! Can't wait to see what kind of due date this gives.

I just had to link to this article, mothers really are the best teachers for their children.

May the Lord find us faithful.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Goings on

I cannot believe it but it is true. I prepared two meals for my family! This is major break through for me. Am I still nauseous? Yes, very much so. But, my husband is very sick. Last night he has a 101.6 degree temperature. Today he and I both took a long nap and he has spent his day on the couch, not like him at all, especially with spring weather. So, thankfully, I am at a better point in this pregancy than I was a few weeks ago. If he would have gotten sick then, we would have had to call in reinforcements! Actually, I have a great overwhelming desire to have an orderly home again. A few weeks ago, I could have cared less as long as the bathrooms were clean and the family room (where I spent most of my time) was clean. Thankful for the little things.....

May the Lord find us faithful.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

About this pregnancy

It has been brought to my attention that some people have questioned whether or not I am happy about this baby. I am beyond thrilled about this baby! We knew this could happen and we joyfully accept this gift that has been given to us. It is difficult to sound thrilled when you are utterly so sick that you are exhausted after taking a shower and live with constant nausea and headaches. Also with my age it just is a more private time for our family. When you find out about your first you tell everyone and ask lots of questions, I have done this three times plus I have my family to think about and attempt to take care of .  Each child is a blessing and brings so much joy that is beyond my mind's grasp sometimes. How priviledged I feel to be given the wonderful joy of having another child. This is something that I do not take lightly. Also, I always feel so close to my husband during these times, maybe because I have to depend on him so much, but when we go through the delivery and spend those first precious moments with a new blessing, what joy!!

May the Lord find us faithful.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Not forgotten

I have not forgotten my blog, I have just not spent any time with my computer lately. I have some good pictures on my camera as well, but there they will stay a little longer. I am beginning to feel better. I am 9 weeks along so I should be coming to the other side of this "morning sickness" (which isn't really morning sickness at all, it is afternoon and evening sickness) At this point we have a December 10 due date but that will change when I have my ultrasound in two weeks(always has with me and the ultrasound due date is always the closest to my actually delivery date). I will just give another disclaimer here as well, we do not find out if we are having a boy or girl either, we just wait for the surprise.  Sorry this is so short but this is the way it is.

May the Lord find us faithful.