Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Not as Planned

Well, today did not go as planned. Benjamin had rough time going to sleep last night which meant that I didn't get to bed when I had planned. I slept in this morning so we had nap time school. We read our Bible reading, I read aloud from our history book and the kids are working on math and science. That is probably about all we will accomplish today. I am not disappointed but I would have enjoyed going to bed when I was tired last night instead of getting my second wind and then not being able to fall asleep.

Monday, December 26, 2011

What Are We Doing?

We are back to school tomorrow. What do you say? What about a Christmas Break? We took a week off and that is enough. We also had Monday off so this will be a short week. Next week will be a short week as well so that will enough of a break for us.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to All! A Catch Up Post

After Benjamin’s birthday and piano playing we took a few days of just living with no big plans, well, I attended the annual Ladies’ Christmas Tea hosted by my Pastor’s Wife.

On Thursday we had a precious time with The Brussels Sprouts. I am so thankful for blogging friends that have become real life friends, y’all are real people out there!

When we make gingerbread creations every year it often gets challenging to decide upon the next building challenge. And I use the word challenge lightly as we do not make professional or even beginner creations, we are somewhere about doggie paddling level, but we have fun and it is a tradition.

This year I came up with the idea of gingerbread nativity scenes.

First the Mommies built the stables, it was a peaceful, relaxing activity after we shooed all the Blessings away to play.

While the stables set we fed the masses lunch and then we set them loose to decorate the stables and the cut out gingerbread pieces that were brought to add.


Mommies working and to keep it real I even added a somewhat blurry picture with my eyes closed.


A young Brussels Sprout lad enjoying cleaning his fingers! This little guy and my Benjamin are about a week apart and play so well together, such a blessing.


If you want to see some better picture of our gingerbread nativity creations you can look here. 


The same evening we let the kids open their presents from Poppa and Nana. Benjamin loved ripping into that bag, he got new monkey pajamas!


Judith got a couple of things that were her favorite color.



Dad was moose hunting, no moose, while the Blessings and I prepared the house and some food for Christmas Eve dinner with friends.

Benjamin and I peeling sweet potatoes.


He loves to help, if only we could harness that energy, I might accomplish more each day.


When December 25th falls on Sunday we just get up on Christmas Eve and treat that morning as present opening time.

Benjamin was our resident present opening helper. He likes to help.



Levi got a surprise that Daddy brought back from the lower 48.


Elisabeth opening gifts.




Judith helping Benjamin.


I found Benjamin a LEGO headlamp, which is super cute.


We had a visit from this sweet baby girl, she is so precious.


I missed not having the big Thanksgiving shindig we normally have so we went a little bigger on Christmas Eve and had a few people over.

Here we are today, Christmas Day is almost over. The pictures are now uploaded, we spent the morning at church as a family and lunch at a friend’s house and home to crash and then play a new game. Benjamin is now in bed and as soon as he is asleep I plan on finding my pjs and off to bed I will go.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Piano for the Long Term Care Residents

Levi, Elisabeth and Judith played piano at the long term care facility here in town. Levi was the video guy and his piano playing didn't get recorded due to a technical difficulty. I will attempt to upload Judith's in another post.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Homecoming and a Birthday

This post is picture loaded.

We were very thankful that Dad made it home and that Papaw is home and healing.

Benjamin and Dad enjoying some time together the evening Dad arrived home.


The next week was Benjamin’s 3rd birthday, I can’t believe this little guy is three years old already.


His birthday table


And his birthday banner


Since Benjamin loves balloons we loaded his door up for a surprise when he woke up from his nap.


Here he comes.



Happy but a little bed headed still.





Checking things out, he has been ready for this birthday since the summer. His regular question has been, “It my birthday next?”


Opening presents, each of the older Blessing made Benjamin some sort of homemade activity to keep him busy during school time. Levi made a clothes line with felt clothes, Judith made a pipe cleaner color sorting thing and Elisabeth made him a felt snowman mat.


Daddy getting ready to pray before dinner.



Dinner is over and it is time for cake and ice cream.



I think he likes it.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Here I am!

I know everyone has been waiting for the picture of my sliding on the ice slide at the ice park. Ok, I actually know that you are not waiting but since you are here then you get to see my crazy self going down the slide. See Levi at the top of the slide, he pushed hard!

Sorry about the not so great picture, we are enduring the darkest part of the year and the temperatures are mild, which means we have cloud cover, which means we do not have much sunlight right now, which means I am a little sunlight deprived, which explains this crazy sentence structure.

me and tammy ice slide

As you can see, I am not a stick in the mud Mom. I am a wild and crazy, spontaneous, fun-loving Mom. See, this pictures proves it! What I like most about this picture, my mouth is wide open (I must be squealing) and my friend’s hair is flying in the breeze. I think homeschool  lack of sunlight makes you a bit wonky. Must be why the ice park people build slides at the ice park. They actually build the slides so the parents will pay to get into the ice park to expend some of that  energy that the children somehow still have even with the lack of sunlight.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Note

Only two people will know what I am talking about, so I apologize if you don't. The picture of the mirror is just about four different colors of the same size, texture of ribbon that I placed in a garland, super easy but it does take a lot of ribbon, but I love this full look. If you want to do one, I am game, name the day/time.

Christmas In Ice

We had a homeschool field trip with friends today. To the ice park we went. Not every child can say they went to the ice park today.

The creative ice sculpting people were still working on most of the displays, this will be a big welcomeish sign and a big photo opportunity.
Waiting on the rest of the group to catch up.

Judith and one of the Brussels Sprouts Blessings
Friends spinning friends.
Benjamin is climbing the stairs to one of the smaller slides. He liked the smaller slides.
Ready, Set, Go.
The maze, he didn’t enjoy the maze.
Benjamin and another Brussels Sprout sitting in spinning bowl.
And here is another Brussels Sprouts, do you think my Blessings and hers like each other? They do!
And Judith
Here is Levi, he was practicing for the luge or something because he was laying down.

What? No pictures of Mom sliding? Well, I did go down the slides, twice! But I can’t take a picture of myself now, can I?
Where is the ice? I fell flat on my bottom while there and I can feel it now, that's okay I still mend.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And Today...

Today we were busy with a rescheduled piano lesson, baking cookies for after Christmas in Ice tomorrow and a little cleaning thrown in there for good measure. Somewhere in there we were able to wrangle dinner out of the fridge/freezer in time to clean up and make it to church.
Levi played the offertory special, he played "It is Well". I do not video or take pictures anymore when the kids play at church. But when they play at the nursing facility on Friday I will video and take pictures galore!
Christmas shopping, I don't enjoy shopping so I did my first shopping tonight online, the rest I will plan on picking up here locally next week. I don't really even enjoy shopping online but I prefer online to in store most of the time. Thankfully, we aren't the buy the big "whatever is the have to have item" shoppers. My kids ask for things like walkie talkies, craft supplies, baking supplies, new hats, ammunition, sports equipment and Carhartt pants and Benjamin just likes it all, but hey, he's two. But next week he will be three!
The roads are not as horrible as they could have been, the blizzard that was forecasted did not come to fruition but boy did we have some powerful winds. I think the wind was recorded at 50 something mph at the airport, crazy weather I tell ya! But we have settled back down to below freezing temperatures and I can honestly say that I hope they stay there until breakup in the spring.
Tomorrow morning, I hope to hit the ground running by giving the house a really quick run through of picking up and quick cleaning. Tomorrow should be a really good day.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


It took me a while to get the decorations up this year. I spent the weekend after Thanksgiving cleaning the main living areas in preparation.
We finally got the tree up and lights on, the girls made a topper out of two strands of lights and a few ornaments. We are waiting to add the ornaments until Daddy gets home, which is soon.
I love the two year old wonder. He has been enamored with this lighthouse ever since he found it. It is in his room now.
My little bit of fanciful just for me.
I will post a full tour once everything is cleaned up and presentable.