Friday, November 13, 2015

Alaska and Missouri

Benjamin and I taking Emmy for a walk

Snow machine time! 

We have arrived home and back into our normal routines and things like school and dentist appointments. 

While we are back to routine, Levi went to Missouri with Poppa for a duck hunt. 

I'd say they had a great time. 

What a great Senior Trip; Boston, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, and finally Missouri. 

...and we came home

We packed ten checked bags (thank you Alaska Airlines Club 49) and five carry on bags and headed to the airport. 

*disclaimer: it has been three years since we went outside and four of us desperately needed new clothing, thus the abundant luggage

Benjamin, Curious George and me in the Nashville airport

Daddy, Benjamin and George 

Inflight entertainment, yes, please. 

Food, we needed food!!!
I had a Qdoba taco salad. 

And, woah, we are missing a Blessing!  He stayed behind for one more adventure before coming home. 

We arrived home around two a.m. Saturday morning. 

Sunday morning headed to church. So thankful to be back with our church family.