Friday, July 22, 2016

We Are Camping

Valdez, Alaska was our destination on this July weekend. We made it and it is raining. We knew the forecast was calling for rain so we came prepared. We have a slide in camper so my husband put up a tarp awning. 

Our view

One of the best camping things we have ever bought is this Coleman camp stove. 
My husband has sung its praises for quite some time. Tonight I am cooking chicken enchiladas for the crew after they fish for a while.  

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Things Never Go As Planned

Things never go as planned... 
and that's okay. Actually, that is life. 

When I looked ahead to summer I thought of all of the cleaning, organizing, books I planned on reading, swing setting while Benjamin played in the yard, chair sitting while Benjamin played at the lake, gardening, etc. You get picture. My summer book list has only one book marked off, and that is okay. I can read in the winter. 

I also haven't done much swing setting or lake sitting until this week because the weather and/or schedule haven't agreed with each other. This week has been a scorcher. The airport recorded 100 degrees yesterday. Now that is crazy hot! 
We went to Benjamin's friend's soccer game tonight, yes we chose a hot night for soccer watching. At 7:15 the temperature was 91 degrees. 

Benjamin loved his time at the lake. 

Even though I have not accomplished everything on my summer expectation list much as been done and we have had some relaxing days at home as well. 

We have a few salmon in the freezer, the man will have to go again to get us set for the winter. 

Tuesday when we went to the lake I got a little too much sun. Since I am avoiding all sunscreen today I had to use a hat, clothing and an umbrella to protect the parts that were over exposed on Tuesday. 

Even though things have not happened to my expectations the summer has been a good one and most days are productive days. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Book

My high school English teacher wrote a book. How exciting is that??? Here is the link of you are inclined to read the book and leave a review. 

My review: I was interested in the book because it is historical fiction based on a relative of the author. The book doesn't present everything in pretty little packages with a happily ever after ending. The book just tells the story of a life and the struggles that life brought during the time the main character lived.

No affiliate link here just the link to the book. 

Woah, What Happened???

I liked the list method of posting so here we go again: 
1) I did not take any pictures of my week in and out of the ER, doctor's offices and the hospital outpatient waiting room and maybe I should have. 

2) We saw a urologist on Monday and on Tuesday morning my husband went in for  laparoscopic surgery. 

3) Wednesday I took Benjamin and a friend to $1 summer movie at the theater to see Peanuts. I am cheap like that.  Yes, the day after surgery. This was Benjamin's first every movie theater experience. He loved it. 

3) $3 admission cost and way too much for icees and popcorn. I did not partake of the movie theater snack bar offerings. 

4) Benjamin contracted pink eye two days later. When the kids get pink eye my eyes itch for days. Then they never itch again until I am in the presence of someone with pink eye. Same with lice. 

5) Rain, we had lots over the weekend. 

6) Chickweed, my enemy. We fight daily. 

7) A window in my van shattered and is no more. Tomorrow I go see about getting it replaced. For now it is duck tape and cardboard to the rescue. 

8) This girl turned sixteen. Sigh.

9) Chocolate zucchini THM cupcakes. Then for the 4th of July we made Strawberry Trifle. This whole THM lifestyle is soooo depriving 😂😂😂🎂🎂🎂. 

10) An island, we have finally found all of the pieces to complete the island I wanted. Guess how much we have spent so far?? $0. Yep, total recycle center finds. I will paint the base and strip and stain the top and that will be our only money in this project. I may have had to wait for my husband to scope out the correct parts over the last few months but I will have the island I want. The base is super sturdy and well built. The thing is on casters, which was a huge priority because I wanted a moveable island so Benjamin can play basketball here. Looking forward to many morning breakfasts, group meal preps, friends around the island, school lessons done here and so much more. 

Goodbye from the Last Frontier, the home of the midnight sun.