Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Edited...whew, it is amazing how slow I am today. I am way better than yesterday but I am really having to pace myself.

Today I feel much better not 100% but way better than yesterday. I am up and interacting with the family. I hope to attempt a bit of school with my crew. Levi and Judith are sick and since Judith didn't start until yesterday she might be the worst today.

Monday, October 29, 2012

My new best friend

Ibuprofen is my new best friend. Without it, I ache. I still feel bad with it but when it wears off, oh my.
I pray I wake up much better tomorrow.

In which I get sick...

I got sick, I am not sure of it is influenza or strep. I am resting and keeping the fluids going in. I am thankful for my husband's job that his coming home today was possible. Levi and Judith seem to be following right along behind me in this,  Elisabeth took care of Benjamin and I until Daddy came home.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Game time

The girls are passing on the addictive game of Dutch Blitz to a friend.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Week

   I enjoy Monday mornings at home. We got going a little,  very little, later than planned. We had a full morning of school and after lunch we headed to get glasses repaired, pick up more paint and then to drop Levi off at his technology class before stopping for groceries. We try to plan any errands for before or during class to get out of town before the evening rush. 
Once home we unloaded and started chores and dinner. I love Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes! We spent the evening quietly watching baseball and then I called all all floor clean up. These people here love to leave EVERYTHING in the floor and that drives me bonkers.
As soon as I got Benjamin asleep I started painting in the girls' room. I deemed it a no tv night after baseball was finished so the older three played a card game while I painted.  Tonight I finished the second coat on three walls.
I watched a couple of episodes of Lark Rise to Candleford and went to bed.

Piano morning, out the door after pancakes and sausage. I didn't hold the baby much today, but all of the older Blessings took turn about.
After piano we went to the library and didn't rush anyone. Not even myself. At home we had lunch and got to the school work of the day. Benjamin was watching a newly acquired library dvd and I joined him and fell asleep. He did not.

Play time with friends and Daddy came home from his hunting trip, no animal this time.
The Blessings got some school work accomplished. We all got to go to church together for mid-week services.

Daddy was home today but we had some school time and the Blessings gave their end of unit presentations for Daddy.
I left the house for a few minutes before dinner and when I came home Daddy was quickly fading. He has been sick for a couple of weeks and it all caught up with him. 

We nursed the sick and stayed in with Daddy just in case we had someone else get sick.
The girls and I put their room back together after painting.  The room has been cleaned, painted and the major furniture has been placed into the room. Tomorrow, we tackle the stuff.

Benjamin woke me up around 2:30 am, I figured he was next to be sick and he was. About an hour or so later he was, I will spare you the details. But we got him cleaned up, changed sheets and attempted to go back to sleep. He wad feverish and just laid around all day. When he wasn't wanting Mommy to sit with him, I would be supervising the sorting through stuff. By the end of the day, the girls had their rooms back together and the dining room and kitchen were cleared and swept and mopped. I felt an urgency to get as much accomplished as possible today. And my urgency was real.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Menu


I skipped posting a menu last week but this week I need the accountability as I will be working on the girls’ bedroom and knowing what I should cook should be helpful.


pumpkin muffins

banana bread

scrambled eggs



green beans



pumpkin muffins




salisbury steak

mashed potatoes

green beans        

make pumpkin scones

make bread





pizza in a crock pot

french bread        

make cookies

make beans for tomorrow


coffee cake muffins

scrambled eggs        

bean dip

tortilla chips



salmon chowder

french bread

Make homemade poptarts

make biscuits

make crockpot granola






alfredo pasta



FRIDAY        crockpot oatmeal



chicago style deep dish pizza


bacon, eggs, biscuits,

hash browns, gravy                


baked fries        

Sunday lunch


Mashed potatoes

Green beans


Our Week


The snow began falling, church, home for lunch and a quiet afternoon, back to church and home again for popcorn.


The snow kept falling all day long. Levi had technology class so we ventured out for some errand running during and after class. Snow, snow and more snow. I have two dressers in the garage taking up my parking space so the snow and encouraged me to get those painted.


Benjamin and I ventured out to get some fresh air and I got a few pictures of the outdoor sights.


The dried up clover peeping out from the snow.


Elisabeth made cupcakes using the book Hello Cupcake. She chose the chefs for her first creation.


Preparing the ingredients



We had friends over and snowflakes were the craft de jour, school in the afternoon and church in the evening.


I cannot remember if these were from Wednesday or Thursday but these are of the Blessings working on various school work.



An at home school morning and then the Blessings had a Leadership meeting. We have had a busy for us week so lots of going.

Levi showed me the sunset Thursday evening and I took pictures to share.



We spent the morning working on school and then we went a picked up friends and headed to buy paint (painting the girls bedroom) and then off to bowl. Home for pizza and a movie.


I am glad I took the crew bowling because I pretty much painted until 4:30 when I ran out of paint. I then stopped and went to the kitchen and began cooking dinner for Saturday, muffins and banana bread for Sunday breakfast and starting on Sunday lunch.

I gave Benjamin a bath and put him to bed and then I joined him quite early.

A full but blessed week.

A Couple of the Men in My Life


The Blessings had colds and then my husband caught the cold and this is what he does when he is sick…he works inside. He cleaned guns all day.


Benjamin spent some time cutting one day. I love watching the mouth when the little guy cuts.




The end product.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My standing Tuesday morning date

Our piano teacher has a new baby so for an hour and forty five minutes on Tuesday mornings I enjoy baby holding.
Ya know, babies were made to be held. She slept for the entire time today. I knitted and then I  joined her for a few minutes of napping.


Elisabeth made banana muffins and I made sausage egg muffins.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

And We Have Snow

When I looked outside this morning I saw snow on the ground. Not much, but winter has begun here in the Interior.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Finished Project

A finished knitting project for a sweet new baby. I am thankful for a little knitting time now that Benjamin is a little easier occupied.

Our Week

We had a couple of Blessings and Daddy with colds, so only myself and Levi and Elisabeth went to morning services.  After church, we had leftover moose stew and cornbread and a slow day at home. Judith's ear began hurting
Dad had taken a few days off in addition to his day off for Columbus Day so we had a sick Daddy home. Judith and I went to the Doctor's office first thing, ear infection. We had a light  Trailguide school day; just the basics.
I attended my first Mom's Night Out with the Christian homeschool moms. Our area has little hs organization, we are changing that.
Cancelled piano and stayed home again.  Daddy still sick bit he worked around the house preparing for winter. We made a late evening trip to the store as everyone seems a little better.
Daddy went back to work and we went back to full time school and everyone made it to church!
Home and school and cooking a little for the Man's hunting trip.
Rescheduled piano lessons and I went to lunch with a friend. I haven't done that in a very long time. I also picked up some grocery items to get that out of the way.
We had yummy moose burgers and fries for dinner. After dinner O went to work on a friend's heater and I went to visit with my friend.

The pictures loaded wonky but I will attempt to caption them.
1. I love that my children are so accepting of other children, especially younger ones. Here Levi works on his math while waiting for his turn at piano while holding our piano teacher's son.
2. Sorry for the blur but here Elisabeth and Benjamin are playing, constant motion!
3. The book on my lap.
4. Benjamin praying.
5. Parsley drying.
6. My older three on the couch looking at television.
7. Piano teacher's one month old baby girl, babies are made to be held, don't you think?
8. Benjamin with an airplane on his head.
9. The before picture of one of the two dressers I am supposed to be painting today.
See ya!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Menu finally posted

B-cereal and toast
L-tomato noodle soup
D-chicken noodle soup

B-bacon, eggs, biscuits
D-state cooking, Blessings cook

B-oatmeal fruit bars and smoothies
L-p&j and apples
D- salmon in the oven
      mac and cheese

D- chicken enchiladas
       refried beans
B-cinnamon rolls
D- burgers and baked fries

B- egg sandwiches

B-French toast and sausage
L- subs, chips, apples

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Menu Tomorrow

I have a menu written out but Judith had an ear ache come back and that took precedent over posting the menu.
Judith and I will head into the doctor first thing tomorrow morning and get her checked out.  This cold just keeps hanging on. So far, Daddy, Levi, Judith and Benjamin have come down with this cold. Elisabeth and I keep taking our immune system boosters in hopes that we do not get this cold.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


We bought a new pencil sharpener and Benjamin sharpens colored pencils everyday.