Monday, August 16, 2010


I painted the entry area, kitchen ceiling, hallway and doors and trim last week. Whew! I only painted at night after my little fellow went to bed (minus one 20 minute nap time session for some ceiling trim). I made it through and the house wasn't totally destroyed in the process, well, not all of it. I still do not have everything put away that was taken down so I haven't taken pictures yet.
There was a freedom from painting at night only. I didn't feel rushed until Friday night when I wanted it all to be finished so I could clean on Saturday. I had the daytime to do other things, we spent two days away from home. Two days we had friends visit and we even picked blueberries. I missed a little sleep two nights to make it to my goal for that day but I still slept a fairly normal amount of sleep each night.
I had planned to paint the dining room this week but I:

  1. Used all the paint last week

  2. Still have stuff all over the dining room to sort and put away or get rid off

  3. Am planning for school

  4. Am Exhausted  (although this is the best I have felt in 2 1/2 years)

  5. Am helping hostess a baby shower later this week so that will take up a little time to prepare for.

So, I will attemt the dining room next week even though we will be starting school next week, or maybe I will wait until moose season and school is  established?

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