Friday, October 31, 2014


It has been a while since the pantry has received a good clean out and reorganization. I did not take a before picture but here are a few afters. 

See all of the bag clips and clothes pins? Those babies were hidden in the deep, dark recesses of the pantry.

See The Cracker Box? I found so many opened cracker sleeves in the pantry and now we have the cracker box to contain any opened cracker sleeves. I should have counted the ones I tossed but then I would be quite frustrated.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

This Week in Alaska

We have had missions revival all week along with normal everyday living.
Monday while Elisabeth was at her technology class and Levi was at the dentist I picked up my prescription sunglasses with bifocal lenses, yep, bifocal lines. 

My funny faced chauffeur. I am getting used to not driving everywhere. 

The sunrise one morning this week. I sit myself facing the window so I get the sunrise and daily sun on my face. 

I normally avoid the Made in China home decor but this sign has been calling my name since it was placed in my local Sam's Club. The price tag was $30 and I was not paying that but today it was $9.91 or some thing near
that price point. The sign came home and is hung on the wall, lest you think it is only for fall, the other side says Welcome. 
(Also, I'd you know that if a price at Sam's ends in a 1 that item is on clearance so grab it up because it isn't coming back.)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Partial Solar Eclipse and an Earthquake

                  I am not sure that what we will be able to see because it is very overcast today but the solar eclipse information is linked here.

Also, I felt an earthquake this morning and I rarely feel them, as in my friend and I were in our dining room and she felt an earthquake and I didn't, I only saw the door moving. Maybe I have built in shock absorption? Anyhow, I must get on with the day now that the shaking is complete.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

PSAT Test Day

The photo quality is horrible because I took this picture through the dirty windshield. 
Levi walked into the local high school today to
take the PSAT. I am hoping he has a couple of familiar faces in his testing room from baseball aquaintances. 
I did not realize there were this many high school students in our little hamlet here. I do not know what time they begin school but the kids just keep pouring in. I have seen two kids in shorts but that is par for the course here. 

I just heard the bell ring so I shall drive away and go home and begin the school day with my three at home. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Views

My husband sends me updates and pictures from the duck blind. Today was a duck hunting day for him and Levi and these are the pictures he sent. Beautiful spot.

They got their limit of ducks today. Best duck hunt of the season. 

And my favorite picture of the day.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Today's partial to do list. I began using Bullet Journaling back in March and so far this is the planning system for me. I love planning but I have tossed away too many half used planners over the years. This is simple and works for me. Before you go and look for YouTube videos about bullet journals go to bulletjournal dot com and watch the original video. Simple system and no empty planner pages. I use a regular notebook with a pocket instead of the notebook the guy on the website uses.

Biology with Elisabeth. That is one thick book.

I had my annual eye exam today. Does your eye doctor have a Hoosier cabinet and retro toys? Mine does. 

The eye doctor dialted my eyes and wow my eyes feel so awful. Good thing they are finally getting back to normal. 

Everyone is studying World History this year. The girls are using Mystery of History and the curriculum suggested a couple of movies while studying Ancient Egypt and the Exodus so those were available and we ended our school day by watching one of the movies. Made for a quiet end to the school day and I couple close me eyes in between dinner prep in the kitchen. 

The duck hunters returned home at dinner time. After dinner we went to vote in municipal elections before the polls closed. 

The current night time activity had been playing Crazy 8's before bedtime each evening. Benjamin loves games. 

Monday, Snow Day, Fun Day

Monday brought about six to eight inches of snow. Yes, snow already. Good thing snow is beautiful. 
Monday brought snafus of humans interacting with one another in daily life. Oh that we make learn to love like Christ. 

My little guy who thrives on quality time and affrirming words waited all morning to take Emmy for a walk. We finally got that walk in just before lunch. Breaking trail in six to eight inches of fresh snow in boots meant for a sixteen year old big foot boy is good exercise. 

The only other tracks we saw belonged to squirrels and snowshoe hares.

Late afternoon brought the time to take Elisabeth to her technology class. The first drive of the snow season is always interesting 
as there are people that do not know how to drive on snow and ice, bless their heart's they just do not know how. 
Do not fear, we were stopped at a traffic light when this was taken. When I looked in the rear view mirror when I stopped he was so quiet that I thought he was asleep. 

When we returned home Benjamin got to check the mail from the van window. He was thrilled that he got to do this and said it was his first time ever. 

When Daddy came home he and Benjamin built a snowman. Did you know that we rarely get snowman making snow? Our snow is usually dry and powdery. This was a more wet snow so we have a snowman.

Benjamin fetching with Emmy. He loves to play with her. 

When I walked out of the boys' room last nightafter putting Benjamin to bed I saw this. This is how Levi prepares to go duck hunting. He piles his gear outside of his room as no not wake his little brother. He is nice that way. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Grouse and Snow

We woke up to snow on the ground. Good thing today is a planned day at home for me. I refuse to go anywhere until Ieave for church in the morning.

Benjamin, Emmy and Daddy went bird hunting. No ducks but they got this Spruce Grouse.

Love this one with Emmy, Benjamin loves Emmy.

Friday, October 3, 2014


The guys were finally able to go to their further away duck hunting spot today. 
Levi in amongst the decoys. 

Some of the bounty.

Can you find Levi and Emmy? 

Dogs and Levi

Emmy had a doggy friend on the hunt today. Emmy is the lead dog. 

The snow is a comin', the cold is a comin', we are entering winter time. They guys were a couple of hours from home today and they got snowed on while they were hunting. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Once Again

Once again my children have to say goodbye to lifelong friends. If I had to say the thing that I dislike most about Alaska, this would be it. People move in and out frequently. My children have said goodbye more times than I want to count. 

But, the upside to this (did you think I would leave this a negative post??? No way!)is that our family has met so many people because we live in a very transient place. People pass through regularly and we get to meet a few of them. Some of them we get to spend thirteen years with and some just two or three years. 

These two are six months apart in age. They loved playing in the sand with the dinosaurs while we hung out today.

Five of these ten flew out of Alaska today to move out to the east coast, sigh. My crew will miss them. I will miss their Mama.

This one is my "George". No, that is not his name but that is what I have called him for too many years to count. I have know this boy since he was born. 

If you know my Benjamin in real life you know he does not give hugs to many people. He barely give people a high five or hand shake. He has an inner circle and few adults outside of our family are let in. If you are his age then he honestly has no personal space issues at all. Odd I know, but the facts. Anyway, my friend has been working on getting a hug for a very long time but has been refused. Benjamin and I talked and he said he would do a group hug with Mom and her two youngest. It happened today at the airport. (There is a litttle girl squished in the middle, see the pink hair bow?)

And then this happened. Talk about making the Mamas tear up. The adults were hugging and gathering the younger ones to head through security and we turned around to this. I love these kids, I love this. Levi is in there just on the other side and really has his head bowed low. This is the way to send your friends off. 

Goodbye friends, until we meet again...