Friday, November 1, 2013


Yesterday was Halloween and I am not a fan. We pretty much ignore the day as it is usually snowy and about ten to twenty degrees below zero so who wants to go out in that temperature and walk around for fun size candy? Not me.
This year I read an article that made me think about this day and how I could actually use this day as an opportunity to reach those around me, to build relationships to bring them to Christ. I didn't agree completely with the article(thus no link) but there were valid points made. Then, tonight as I scrolled through my Facebook news feed it struck me. Today is a day in America where it is acceptable and even appropriate to walk around door to door, neighborhood to neighborhood and visit with people. What an opportunity. I enjoyed seeing high school friends who posted pics of their meeting up.
I do not see us making any changes in how we spend October 31. One being there are only a few houses on our street and six kids, four or which are mine and the other two are teens. Secondly, next year will probably be cold and snowy, this year is just a different kind of year. But next year I will have full size candy bars for anyone who happens to knock on our door because I want them to come back.

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  1. Yeah, that is pretty much my realization about Halloween this year too. I don't really want my kids going out for candy, but I do like the idea of getting to know my neighbors. We also do not have people really trick or treating in our neighborhood... I used to hate Halloween. Now I guess it isn't totally bad.