Wednesday, October 30, 2013

31 days of posting!!

Today is the thirty-first day of posting. Sorry for boring ya for thirty-one days straight.

The calendar on my phone for October and then November. Thankfully much of this is swimming and maybe a couple of reminders here and there. But all those scheduled days used to frighten me bit I'm getting to be okay with triangles now.

A friend emailed me this picture. Who knows, maybe he will show up at my house after Thanksgiving. My favorite month starts tomorrow! 

We finally had a little snow, no accumulation but snow none the less. We need snow to insulate our little world. 

Benjamin took a picture of the wood pile.
Judith at swimming. I usually cannot see much of her swimming because she is on the far side of the pool.

See how empty the pool was tonight? There are usually two swim team groups swimming and two swim lesson classes and adult lap swim. The pool is usually packed but today was Halloween, guess that's important to some people.

Judith swimming in the far right lane.

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