Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Prep and Sidetracked

I am one who would rather create messes than clean. I clean because I have to. 

Monday three friends and I had a tree topper making party. In the middle of the day, gasp! Yes, we are wild and crazy like that. The kids that were here all went adventure sledding which, I think involves a snow machine and a round sled? Not sure and there are some things Momma just does not need the details about. This is one of those times. 
This is, was, my tree topper. My forever friend mentioned she liked it and wanted one so it is getting boxed up and mailed to her today. I can make another for me. I was honestly having a tough time making a tree topper without being in tree putting up mode because, well, that is kind of how I roll. I cannot think ahead like that very well. Must be why I am a horrible gift shopper. 
Speaking of sidetracked, I decided to rearrange the master bedroom because my husband was out hunting. That is now put back together. 
I am side track Sue. Today is Thanksgiving cleaning and prep cooking day and I am blogging about other stuff. 

I received a gift basket from my Hidden Honey on Sunday. I put away the goodies inside and deposited my knitting in this basket. 
This is my basket at the pool on Monday. Knitting, my water and my notebook for list making. Whoo boy, I'm thinking ahead finally.

Stocking up on the pumpkin, taking advantage of sale prices and availability. 

Stocking up for cooking and baking. Yes, that is cream of mushroom soup. I am taking it easy ob my self and making one dish with this. The other will have the homemade version. 

List making.

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  1. I can get sidetracked pretty easy too. Seems like you got a lot done. Love the tree topper, so pretty.