Monday, November 4, 2013


Yes, a picture of me drying my hair. Yes, this is a hair dryer. I have used this type of hair dryer for at least seven or eight years. My hair gets dried and somewhat styled using this thing, we purchased this at just the plain old local box department store.

School time with my Buddy, my little challenging guy. 

Benjamin helped me make tomato noodle soup for lunch today. The Blessings have a class on Monday afternoons and today Judith had swim team right after so I made a more substantial lunch for the crew today.

This is the face I get when he asks for his picture to be taken.

Benjamin enjoys watching Pioneer Woman on Foodnetwork with me because he likes "the little cowboy fellas".

And, I broke the side mirror on the van. 

While the kids were in class Benjamin and I made a trip to the large box store that I do not enjoy going to but sometimes need to go to. 
I let him slowly walk through the toy section. I rarely let him do this. 

I picked up the kids after this and hurried back to our  little town to get Judith to swimming and then took the other three home to have dinner and I went back to the pool. 
At the pool, I observed something that struck me. The local elementary school guidance counselor was there and at least three kids introduced their parents to this man. That was odd for me as a home educating Mom. Then I realized my crew are taking a speech class and I have not met the teacher.
Once back home we had family Bible reading and prayer. I folded some laundry and put a load in the dryer. Daddy read bedtime books to Benjamin and I cleaned the dry erase board. More on that tomorrow...

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  1. Sounds like a good, but busy day. That is a very interesting hair dryer. I don't think I've seen one like that before.