Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Last Busy Day

For a while, at least. 
Last week we were home for school time but Monday was a Daddy day off, ice skating, public speaking class and I had knitting night. Today we had science class and we needed groceries so a morning of school then to town to gather groceries. I am thankful for an evening at home. The past five days have been packed.
Ahh, cookbooks, love cookbooks.

I finally had time to cut Benjamin's hair, I do this with him watching cartoons because he sits still and is distracted, aka- tv coma. Works for me. 

Levi now pumps fuel when Dad isn't with us and we need fuel. Why must they grow up? 


  1. I read your title and was jealous, until you qualified it. hee. hee. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving week. That will be our down week. I am blocking off the calendar. No one will come or go until Thanksgiving day! Yippee!!!

  2. I want Kay's cookbook