Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I took this picture yesterday, we had snow all day long yesterday. Finally! 

This is the only picture I took today that was postable. I made a few centerpieces for a couple of events this week. 

Today was an epic fail as a home educator and as a Mom. I slept in, didn't stick with the schedule, didn't get to the treadmill, got frustrated with a Blessing, and spoke too much.
But there are still blessings in the day. We had dinner, I have not made a menu for this week so everyday is a last minute decision. I don't like that. Rolls were made for the fall tea I am co hosting tomorrow night and breadsticks for dinner tonight to go with salmon quiche and salad that the girls made. Even though no one in our house feels 100% healthy no one is really sick. Does that make sense? I guess 4/6 of our family has working immune systems. We have not been as sick as Daddy and Levi.

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  1. We all have days like that. I do understand about the sickness. We all feel a little 'off' once and a while, but none of us are really sick. It's so hard to know what to do with feeling like that.