Thursday, November 21, 2013


I woke up and checked the temperature and wanted to crawl back into bed for the day. But,I couldn't, there was a busy day ahead of me.

The temperature on the way to piano this morning.

Me and my crew all bundled and warm.

Judith and her piano buddy.

We had to go to town for a meeting for the Blessings so we stopped by DMV for Levi to take his permit test. He didn't pass. I guess Alaska has a tough test. He will study more and try again soon and he will pass. I almost didn't post this picture but I decided that I will be a blogger that gives a well rounded representation of our life.

The temperature on the way home tonight, thankful for warming up.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I hear my older three decorating the dining room for me. Blessed, truly blessed.


  1. Tell him don't worry...hubby didn't pass his Alaska driving test the first time either. Tell him to focus on memorizing the stupid numbers.

  2. Oh my and I thought our 'feels like' -1 was cold. Brrrr. He'll pass. For some it just takes a couple of tries. :)