Friday, November 22, 2013


This morning was birthday morning, Benjamin 
enjoyed going before to my breakfast and presents. Judith made me go backwards and then they dropped balloons from above, see the ribbons hanging down?

They had me open presents first thing. Yes, my hair is wet, hey, at least I am out of jammies and dressed.

My former hair dryer brush thing broke so I asked for a new one for my birthday, because well, I cannot go back to a hair dryer and round brush. This one is by John Freida. So far so good.

While I was drying my hair and watching cooking shows, Elisabeth brought me my daily water. :-)

Benjamin had a preschool science class this afternoon. On the way we passed these ice carvers working. This dentist office has an angel carved every single year.

Benjamin's class was planting bulbs, paper white bulbs, to be exact.

And there was snack, always snack. 
The sky upon returning home from the class, around 2:00 pm.
Warmer temperatures, cloudy skies.

Selfie, yes on occasion I take a selfie.

Maybe not rare occasions but on occasions, such as when I want to see how a project is coming along. I am making a hat for Levi, the last hat I made him fit Benjamin. 

Oh, there was halibut and chocolate cake today too!

I had to screenshot this Instsgram that came across my feed today. 
Who says seventeen year olds are not great? This one is! 
I've know her since she was about two, her family moved away and came back a few years ago. Glad her parents brought her back to me;-)


  1. Sorry it's so late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Looks like you had a good time.