Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This is school

I think one of my most favorite things about educating my crew at home is the daily interaction we have. All.day.long. 
Some days are long and some days, like today, happen in an orderly and timely manner.

Elisabeth, Benjamin and myself were all piled up on the couch working today. Benjamin worked his Frontline and we are working through Get Ready for the Code book A, which is almost finished. 
Elisabeth is working on math with Math on the Level, which is working just wonderfully for her.
I love that four year old face, and yes, I am laying down, well reclining, and he is sitting on my legs. My neck was giving me some trouble but my wonderful husband seems to have worked most of the stiffness out.
Here he is working on his Frontline book for kids club at church.

Benjamin gets an A+ for technology today. He Voxer messaged his Daddy all by himself. He also sent a friend of mine a picture via voxer;-)
Voxer is one of our favorite apps, a walkie-talkie app. Voice, typing and even photo sharing. We love it. 
He took a lot of pictures today, including this one of his foot and the following selfie. 


  1. We have schooled in bed on days when I'm beat!