Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back to Class

We had egg in a slice of toast for breakfast this morning. 

After breakfast and morning meeting everyone disappeared to get dressed and ready for the day.

I am working on Benjamin's people drawing. Getting better, I stressed the body today and we built a Mat Man with our Handwriting Without Tears set.

Science class today, good to get back after a time off. 
See that egg? 

The boys working and playing

This was a straw rocket experiment.

The highlight of my day was spaghetti, salad and homemade French bread for dinner. Craving met.

Judith is swimming with the beginner group, which is really swim lessons to learn how to swim competitively. I started a book tonight.

Judith is pretty much in the center of the pictures.


  1. What is the book you are reading?

    I like your posts of your full days. It will be a good record for you in the future.

    What is the experiment with the egg in the air? I notice the girls in the back have given themselves a good distance from it! :)

    We did handwriting without Tears with Mat Man too. Such good stuff!

  2. The breakfast looks yummy. Love the pictures you share of your days. :)