Friday, October 4, 2013


Today is Friday, the guys are duck hunting so the girls are enjoying a slow morning. Slow mornings are needed every so often.

I thought I would write about our curriculum today. We started using Trailguide to Learning from Geography Matters last school year. I fell in love. The kids liked it for the most part. I have been trying to create this curriculum on my own for years. We were stuck in Colonial and Pre-Revolutionary War times for far too long. Trailguide got us moving right on through to the Civil War, thanks to Paths of Settlement.

This year we are using Paths of Progress and using the high school supplement so that Levi is learning the same thing as the rest of us. We are learning about scientist and inventors and their lives and their work during the first unit.

The curriculum is all inclusive except for math.

****This post is not sponsored, I was not asked to write about this curriculum, I am not in any way compensated for this post.****

More to come...


  1. It's always great to find something that works for the family. Glad you all like the curriculum. :)

  2. I'll have to look into that curriculum. It sounds good.

    I have enjoyed catching up with your blogs. I love the little snippets that you post. I should do more of that... I tend to only post every few weeks and then post a summary...

    I'm heading your way for a quick weekend conference tonight. I've never been to Fairbanks and I'm hoping to see the northern lights tonight or tomorrow night.

    Thanks for keeping up with your blogging.