Monday, October 7, 2013

A New Week Begins

Benjamin building a train this morning. Usually, a super big brother builds trains but today Benjamin is on his own.

Science today: inclined planes
This is our force meter
After this science lab, I fell asleep. Yep, just got all heavy eyed and fell asleep.
 I am thankful for the already cooked lunch from yesterday and not needing to cook today. 
Tomorrow we are having spaghetti, I have been craving spaghetti for a week. 

Levi reading an assignment in Uncle Eric's What Happened to Penny Candy? Economics book.

I guess no Monday would be complete without   pulling out the old steam cleaner to clean up a spill. Smoothie on the rug but came up easy with the steamer.

The evening concluded with Lego palooza and then Yahtzee.

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  1. We use to have those exact train tracks. The kids always enjoyed playing with them, and so did I. :)