Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beginning with Last Night

And, last night around 7:30pm, we were almost dark. The daylight hours are dwindling daily, around 7ish minutes a day.

Breakfast today was Pancake muffins. I think I will make a triple batch for the freezer.

Elisabeth at work

My breakfast

Levi is this much taller than me, this can not be!

We had popcorn, a friend's child was here and she questioned my making popcorn in the daytime. Cute!

Mr. Peanut Butter face

More work

My vacuum for hard flooring. We tried a couple other options and this one was the best. I have had this quiet series shop vac for over four years. Quiet series is the key to using a shop vac indoors.

Rules, every house has their own. Ours is no television until after school and chores. Benjamin waits all day for a little tv time. He knows that after the big Blessings get their family room chores done he can start watching. He is waiting on me to finish vacuuming.

After his show he colored, amazing, he has never really enjoyed coloring or even sitting still.

Salmon, rice, green beans and green salad for dinner and off to Wednesday night prayer and Bible study and kids club.


  1. Must be that only crazy people make popcorn before snack time at night :)

  2. Pancake muffins, now that sounds yummy.