Thursday, October 24, 2013

Broken Glass

Have you ever noticed that when glass breaks it shatters into large pieces, medium sized pieces, small pieces and then little teeny, tiny slivers? And the glass just goes everywhere? You think you carefully clean up every last sliver and hours or even days later you still find glass.
Tonight a large sized mason jar fell and shattered. Not a quart size but the bigger jar, maybe a two quart? I cannot recall the exact size, but it was a big jar. My first thought was, "ugh, why now?" I had just walked in the door after swimming and was making Judith a smoothie. I didn't blow up, which is a major thing for me. I did remind my crew that glass should not go on top of the fridge.
Back to the glass, as I was cleaning up the glass I realized that my words can be like that glass. Words can cut, you can't clean all the words up, the little slivers can get under the skin and they hurt.
Minding my words is something I need to work on so despite the fact that I lost a large mason jar and had to clean up glass, I am thankful that the glass broke tonight.

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  1. Such encouraging words. Its something I need to work on too. :)