Saturday, October 19, 2013


Daddy and Levi went duck hunting this morning, brought home two ducks, which will go into duck bog for dinner.
This man rarely sits down in the middle of the day but Tennesse is playing football today.
Levi watching the game.

My Elisabeth and I 
Elisabeth went to a girls' activity and this was the sky when I left to pick her up.
The sky at dinner time.

Speaking of dinnner, we had Duck Bog tonight.

Benjamin in eating action.

My Saturday night game partner. 
While Daddy was reading to Benjamin, the rest of us played a game. Good times, I tell ya.
This shirt Elisabeth is wearing is from our high school and lists the football schedule from our senior year. My wonderful Mother-in-law had this shirt(and a few others of my husband's)  and gave it to the kiddos around 7 years ago. Wow, time flies! Elisabeth has worn this shirt almost every Saturday night since then.