Sunday, October 27, 2013


I made a cozy for my pint and a half mason jar. Isn't it such a cute little sweater?

Benjamin, Elisabeth and I made pumpkin cake today. Judith made the frostong. Yum-O.

Why? Why do others feel the need compartmentalize every young person by their own "ideas" of how or what kids should be doing. Our family chooses to be intentional about children being children. I despise the concept of age compartmentalizing certain activities as "well, they've outgrown that". There is not an age limit on most things. 
I read many classic children's literature books as an adult because I either wasn't exposed to them or didn't care to read them it doesn't make me immature. It makes me educated and knowledgeable about something I was curious about. Adults play with Legos or there probably wouldn't be Legoland. Just sayin'. Enough of a soapbox but well, force your kids to grow up too fast but I don't think you will enjoy the outcome. Responsibility and hard work, yes. All that other junk, no thank you.


  1. That is one of the things I love most about homeschooling. My kids don't know that other kids their age have "grown out of" certain things. They'll be adults all the rest of their lives--just a few years to be kids! (This is a soapbox of mine too!)