Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday, how you slay me

I learned something this weekend. List making does help me. I made this list on Friday and left it on my night stand. Today I picked up the
list and almost threw it away, but I stopped and looked at the list and began crossing out the completed items on the list. I realized that, although I did not do much on Saturday I did accomplish more than I thought I had.
Now, on to the rest of today...

Selfies by Benjamin while I made pancake squares

Math with Judith 

Quiet, independent occupation of time. Thankful for this.

I had a menu planning snaffu so I stood in the kitchen at 2 pm wondering what to make for dinner. I found leftover salmon and rice so we had salmon quiche for dinner with a yummy green salad made by Judith. 


  1. Hey, your salmon always works for me!

  2. Glad you could cross things off your list, that always feels good.