Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Day on Instagram

Do you Instagram? I really like this social media outlet. I am a picture person, you see. So, I post quite a few pictures over on my Instagram account that do not make it to Facebook or even to the old blog here so why don't you join me over there for even more of the craziness that is our every day life?

Here is my first pic of the day. My boy with his Trim Healthy Boy Drink, for the link to this look at my Pinterest widget on the side and follow the directions. He liked it and there is no sugar!!!!
Then I posted my Mason Bar Company lid, I love these things. They should pay me for all the word of mouth advertising I do for them.
A picture of math time with Benjamin, he is a very active six year old boy and he asks a ton of questions, he is challenging to keep on topic. I love him. 

Here are two drinks, my quart of water and Benjamin's quilted jelly jar of yummy goodness. 

Lastly, a selfie went on Instagram. I was discussing a science chapter with Judith and decided to relax a little while we discussed. 

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