Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Yesterday was eye appointment day for my three oldest. The girls went to the waiting area and Benjamin and Levi and I were at the optical side getting their glasses adjusted, because a six year old could use an adjustment every day. A Man, I am sure a very nice man because he struck up conversation with a thirteen year old, asked Judith about school and she told him we home educate. She had to let him know that we had done our school work in the morning before coming to the eye doctor's office. He then asked her if she had friends. Really? Is going to school all about having friends? Just because children are educated at home can it seem impossible to know people? I am kind of glad I missed this dialogue because sometimes I do not have great patience for such things. Anyway, I was busy with a six year old who has to keep sending the lady back for more adjustments until they get his glasses just right and in between he was busy modeling glasses for his next pair. He  had the receptionist laughing. He is a very animated little guy. He looked particularly adorable in the Ray Ban sunglasses.
Back to this man, good thing he does not go to our orthodonist office because he would be shocked at the number of kids there at any given time. I wonder when those kids do their school work? I wonder if they have friends? Better reel it in because the scarcasm is a little heavy.


  1. The homeschool kids I've known (including multiple cousins) have had more friends than me because the parents usually have a group of people they make sure to socialize with - like church or a group of homeschool kids.
    Maybe that guy left there more educated by your 13 year old and maybe he has less of a misconception of homeschooling.... We can only hope, right?

  2. Uh...I wish I had a witty comment other than to say I rolled my eyes at the comment.