Monday, April 20, 2015

A Banner Day

Remember last fall when I posted the pictures of the mess of cleaning out the school closet? Wow, I did a thorough cleaning that weekend and boy did it pay off. The closet had gotten some clutter and there were random items shoved into the closet to get them out of the way but I just did a reorganization of the school closet and one of our school bookshelves in just one evening, as in today. I still have a few items to clear up and I started another bag for the annual used homeschool sale that happens in May.
My three oldest sell used curriculum as a fundraiser for their leadership team so I am going to get a table a see if I can make a few dollars to order our history curriculum for next year. I often rarely take much money home with me because I usually spend it at the sale purchasing used items, so we shall see how I fare. Mystery of History Volume IV will be the history for the girls next year and I cannot wait to learn alongside of the girls.

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