Friday, May 1, 2015

I used to be a coordinated person, I was a little more picky about pretty much my entire life. Then, I gave up. I chose to go with function and ease of living over my expectations. I have loved Mason jars for many a year. I love canning the harvest and I love drinking my daily water and Good Girl Moonshine in quart Mason jars. I use glass jars and Mason jars around the house for holding pencils and paint brushes and now I use them for holding toothbrushes in our bathrooms. The upside-- when the jar gets covered with toothbrush yuckiness, I just go get another jar out of the cabinet and toss the toothbrushes into a clean jar and put the dirty jar in the dishwasher. Makes my life easier, just a tiny bit,but yet easier.


  1. I hear a country song coming on...
    "I used mason jars before mason jars were cool."

    1. Haha, well it would be a true song!

  2. I, too, use mason jars for toothbrushes. However, I use the wide mouth ones so that I can stick the tube of toothpaste in there, too! :)