Monday, April 6, 2015


On the Trim Healthy Mama facebook group there is something called Non Scale Victories (NSVs), which are just as important as the number on the scale, maybe more so.

My NSV for Resurrection Sunday was manuvering a gathering meal at someone else's home. Thankfully the offerings were such that my meal was not that off plan even though I still splurged. The main course was Cornish hens stuffed with wild rice, potato salad (off plan but I only had about two bites), asparagus and buttery garlic green beans and deviled eggs. I did finish off Benjamin's dinner roll and I had a slice of lemon blueberry cake. Even an off plan meal can be a victory because I did not stuff myself, I enjoyed a feast day with friends and family and I did not stess or beat myself up over eating off plan, I had a thm snack at the end of the day because getting back on plan is easy and also satisfying. 

And, just for grins I weighed this morning and my weight was down a few ounces from my Friday weight. Gotta love THM, I highly recommend it. 

Chicken Alfredo for dinner anyone? 

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