Sunday, April 26, 2015

Planning and Lifestyle

My husband and I on our way to Delta for Levi's first baseball game of the season. And yes, I am the one wearing camouflage, that is a strange turn of events in our family.
Delta is known for being a windy city. Today, she held true to being a windy city.  

Judith and I on one of our trips to the van for provisions.  
Neither my husband or myself know where this particular clothing item came from but I am thankful to have found this in the coat closet this morning. This thing is pretty wind proof and I was able to stay toasty warm.  I am also glad I grabbed a hat on the way out the door because that wind blew my hair all over the place.

There was a play ground next to the ball field. We took turns going over with Benjamin to play. 

Benjamin is always dressed well for the ball field. Every single game. 

Oh, and there was a ball game with this really great guy playing. And they won this game. 

We left home early and arrived back home around the dinner time which meant two meals on the road, outside of my home with all the healthy stuff I normally have at my fingertips. But, I planned and my wonderful daughters helped pack healthy choices and I managed a very good food day in the chaos of the day away from home. The family had burgers at the local IGA in Delta, yes I said the local grocery store, they actually have a pretty decent burger there. I opted for protein bars that Judith had made yesterday as I was still pretty full from lunch. I am amazed at how quickly I fill up on much less food than I used to consume.