Friday, April 17, 2015

Trim Healthy Mama Freezer Food Prep, Friday Update and a Mosquito

Thursday evening three of us from our little THM accountability group got together to make freezer meals. We used the Once A Month Meals website and did our shopping and met up to begin. We made about eighty-five meals for three families in about five hours. Six if you include dinner and time waiting out an electrical outage and clean up. Each family had three people helping, many hands make light work 

My cooler of meals part way through the evening. The cooler could not hold it all by the end of prep time. 

My Friday update picture, today marks twenty-eight pounds gone. 
Good thing we made all those meals because I was too exhausted to make dinner tonight so a bag was placed in the crockpot this morning
and we had a yummy meal tonight. 

Talk about ending on a bad note, I saw my first mosquito today. 


  1. we have way too much snow on the ground for me to be able to handle seeing any mosquitoes...

  2. Nooooooo mosquitoes! I'm not ready!

  3. That's a huge bug! Great job on the 28 pounds! Wonderful to have such a good support system!