Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Annual School Closet Clean Out

Oh the mess but it must be done. Clearing out, purging, and reorganizing for the new school year. 
I am giving things a little more thorough purge than in previous years. Out goes the preschool stuff since we are past that age. Notebooks are getting a go through and only work samples are being kept for the big kids. 

Between purchasing new pens and pencils during back to school sales and what I keep finding while cleaning I'd say we are set. Let's see how long it takes to get these scattered throughout the house again once we get back to the books. 

One good thing about working today inside is that there is a William Powell movie day going on TCM today, along with open windows, laundry on the line, Blessings playing on their homemade slip and slide outside. There will be make your own pizza night so I can keep cleaning.

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  1. I worked on our bookcase the other day. Always a fun project. :)