Saturday, March 13, 2010


Completely off the subject of this post but....don't forget to spring forward!

Why do I not "follow" one author in my Bible study, child rearing, or even home education? That is a great question, thanks for asking.
I do not follow one person's teachings because it would narrow the scope of my learning. If I only followed one person's teaching on child training, child development, home education, etc. I would  be trying to live up to someone else's  expectations. You see, I did that once, I won't do that again. I also let a book cause problems in my marriage because we(my husband and I)  read something in a book, and I set my expectations to that thing. We tried, but the expectation was too high and it honestly didn't work for our family. I was often disappointed which led to a downcast attitude and conflict in the marriage. Not necessary at all!  I finally prayed,  let it go and lowered my expectations, everyone is much happier, well, I am at least. I often feel for people who set these high expectations of their spouse. You see, my husband and I cannot have weekly date nights nor do we want to. (GASP! can you believe she just said that?) We do not need to leave our home to have a date and it makes those few times a year when we do get the opportunity to do such a thing, even more special and enjoyable.
I have learned over to the years not to follow one person or philosophy, outside of the Word of God. This keeps me well read and informed. Obviously, there are some authors that I would not touch with a ten foot pole but that is not for this post. I am talking quality stuff here.  I just read some things around the internet this week about people who followed the teachings of one particular family and the stuff wasn't good. I do not want to be anyone else, they are just human and I do not know their true heart or motives. Remember when Anne, yes Anne of Green Gables, asks Marilla something and Anne says something to the effect of (not quoting exact here) oh, what you miss? Well, if I read only one home education book or only one child training book, then oh, what I might miss!

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  1. Well said. Too-high expectations are sure to bring disappointment.