Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I have three sick children and one who was fortunate to have a very slight case and seems much better (although enjoying the much relaxed schedule so far this week). Thursday night Benjamin didn't sleep well, so Friday morning we were at the clinic. We woke up Sunday to two not so well children and they were taken in, no strep. So, Sunday, Monday and Today have been lazy tv/movie watching days. The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer and The Parent Trap(Hailey Mills version) both come on this afternoon, so it is not a total loss. Not what I had planned for the week. I am thankful for my Saturday evening grocery shopping trip. We have food and tylenol, we should be good for a few days! The principal has canceled school and all outings this week. (I have been reading history and science though!)
We will keep our children home from church Wednesday evening as well, even if they improve greatly today or tomorrow(which isn't going to happen). I really encourage staying home until completely well, especially nursery aged children as I know this is where Benjamin got this and brought it into our home. Ugh! Keep your sick children home, I know it is inconvenient  sometimes but for the health of your child and the children of others, come on.

Home with sickies, but glad to be home. Honestly, it is nice here. And I am thankful not to have to rearrange our schedules to determine who stays home with sick ones, I am already here and so are they. Plus, they don't get behind and have "makeup" work!
You know the old saying "When life gives you lemons...." well, I am taking the remainder of  this sickness to do some organizing....If I had only remembered to purchase those pants hangers Saturday night.....oh well.

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  1. Oh, that's too bad. I have one who is starting to sneeze. I hope she is not going to get sick, but I have that feeling with her recent outbursts confirming my fears. At least you are making "hay" while the sun shines with organizing. :-)