Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flying time?

One day this week I had a new post partially typed up and walked away to do something like remove a one year old from the top of the piano, yes he made it up onto the piano. I need help here people, climbing children, oh, today I am in one room and I think that Benjamin is with his older brother, but older brother is "occupied", Elisabeth was practicing the piano and Judith was studying her spelling words. I heard Benjamin making his noise that he makes when he needs/wants something but I could not leave where I was at that moment, I was occupied as well. I finally hear Levi say "Benjamin" in a surprised voice. Benjamin had climbed up to the top bunk bed. Ugh!!! So, when I am not posting here I am busy making sure that Benjamin does not climb bunk beds or any other dangerous activities that a one year old may attempt. I am absolutely amazed that he hasn't found a way out of his crib yet. I believe Judith was climbing out by this age. But she was obedient about it. She stayed in until I told her she could come out.
In other news my husband and his hunting buddy went moose hunting this weekend so there is some moose to be processed tomorrow. I the meat froze on the trip home so my husband "hung" the game bags containing the meat in the garage and left the van outside. Every time I walked out into the garage to get something from the fridge or freezer out there I had to do a double take. I probably won't post pictures of the meat this time but if you are interested here are past posts about moose processing.

Let's just say it will be interesting around here tomorrow with Benjamin who is seeming to be getting sick again, he had cough starting up today.....

May the Lord find us faithful.

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  1. My he is a climber. It's funny my husband just about has a heart attack when my daughter makes it onto the table - which compared to a bunk bed or a piano is quite safe. She is our biggest climber so far (but we have all girls). We recently moved her from her crib onto a toddler bed because she learned to climb her crib. We still have to figure out the bed situation for the biggers, which I think will involve buying a new bed.